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why are marijuana seeds so expensive

How much do weed seeds cost?

People who plan to start growing weed will soon be dealing with many questions. Here you can think of: What do I need to start growing? Where do I get my supplies? Which strain shall I grow and how much do weed seeds cost?

When doing research you will quickly find out that the prices of cannabis seeds differ from seedbank to seedbank and from strain to strain. On average, a single cannabis seed cost about 3.5 EUR – 8 EUR (4 USD – 9 USD) each but where do these price differences actually come from and which factors determine the price of cannabis seeds?

Let’s dig deeper into this matter and find out what weed seeds cost.

Factors that influence the price of cannabis seeds

Prices of cannabis seeds are determined by various factors. Here you can think of:

Production costs

First of all cannabis seeds have to be bred but before they can be bred they have to be developed which starts with a lot of research and testing. These processes take years and are costly. Once the strain is stable, the seeds have to be produced. A process that is risky.

Legal restrictions and risks

In many countries, also in the Netherlands where by far the most cannabis seeds are developed, it’s forbidden to grow cannabis plants and there are hefty prison sentences and fines. Yet, to produce cannabis seeds and to meet demand, many plants are needed. Breeders therefore have to take risks.


Besides the production process and the risks that affect prices, genetics are also a very important factor in the determination of the price. Genetics are actually the DNA of the plant and in addition to the environmental factors, genetics determines the degree of potency. Here you can think of the quality of the weed, taste, ripening and yields.

In most cases expensive seeds are the best seeds as these feature the best genetics. You can compare it with cars. Luxury cars with a lot of horsepower and gadgets undergo a more expensive production process compared to basic cars for the big crowd. With cannabis seeds, it’s actually no different.

High-quality genetics have undergone a more intensive development and research process and are therefore more expensive. From this you can conclude that expensive seeds often feature the highest quality.

Available stock and demand

When you buy seeds and you choose the most expensive seeds, you can expect the highest quality. Yet the most expensive seeds are not always the best seeds. How is that possible?

The price of cannabis seeds reacts to the market functioning of supply and demand. When the demand for a strain is high and the supply is low, the price rises. You can see that for example cup winners are often more expensive than strains without prizes. Finally, the popularity of a strain plays an important role. Some species are simply more popular than others.

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Why are Cannabis Seeds so expensive?

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