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what are regular cannabis seeds

What Are Regular Cannabis Seeds?

What are regular cannabis seeds beside being “difficult” to grow?

Regular Cannabis seeds have both male and female seeds in an ideal proportion of 50/50. In order to find out which is which, all the Cannabis seeds have to be germinated and grown until they “sex” or begin to show signs of being females (pre-flowers) or males (pre-pollen sacs). The male Cannabis seeds can be discarded or used to breed. The female plants obtained from regular Cannabis seeds are much more genetically stable and will not turn hermaphrodite under stress so you can make highly successful cuttings. You cannot know what sex the regular Cannabis seeds will be by just looking at it.

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3 Important advantages of regular cannabis seeds (vs feminized)

3 Important advantages of regular cannabis seeds (vs feminized)

Last updated June 1-2019 Published June 13-2017

‘Back in the day’ the only way to grow weed with seeds were ‘regular’ seeds. The classic way nature intended them to be. So from a seed you either got a male or a female plant. But most growers grow cannabis to harvest the buds which they can smoke, so they’re mainly interested in the female plants. For this reason feminized seeds have been created.

When you grow with feminized seeds you will be sure you’ll get only female plants in your garden. The beauty of this is that it takes out a lot of unnecessary work. All plants will be female, instead of that genetic lottery of male/female.

Ever since the boom of feminized seeds back in 1998, growers have gone crazy for feminized seeds and many seed banks have really cleaned up during this time. It went so far that most seed banks don’t even sell regular cannabis seeds anymore at all. The European seed marketplace currently holds 95% to growers who grow with feminized seeds.

With such a strong (commercial) focus on feminized seeds, it’s easy to forget that regular seeds are vital for the creation and maintaining of a diverse cannabis gene pool. It’s incredibly important that seed banks and breeders take their responsibility and keep offering regular seeds to the cannabis community.

So what are the advantages of using regular seeds?


For some, this is what growing is all about, finding that incredible phenotype from a large selection. By growing from regular seeds you will be sure to express that strains full lineage. When feminized seeds are produced a preferred phenotype is selected then reverse pollen is used to preserve the new generation of seedlings.

With regular cannabis seeds you can find a genetically untouched phenotype that is totally different and the keeper in your grow room.


Before feminized seeds came about, many old generation growers would take the opportunity to breed male and female plants from their grow rooms, to enhance the features of the strains they had.

You can begin a small scale breeding project that is relatively straightforward, as the aim is not commercial financial value but to make your own strain. After a long time of breeding with selected clones and male plants, you can possess some of the most breathtaking strains around.


Some of the best strains from the old school never made the cut in the feminized market, so over time have been forgotten. There are some old school pre 1990 gems available and simply not available in feminized form. It pays well to do your research about strains and breeders before making your next purchase.

The beauty of life is choice is and getting into the practice of carefully cataloguing each seed and noting its characteristics, growth pattern, leaf and stem growth, smell, yield, bug resistance, terpene profile, THC and CBD ratio is what will take your growing game to the next level. Especially when you start creating your own cannabis hybrid strains!

Feminized cannabis seeds are incredibly popular by the home grower, but we should not forget about regular seeds! Read more at CannaConnection.