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Benefits Turkisch landraceEasy to grow fast and giving good results this strain will ensure a quality harvest Its hashy taste is and its particularly interesting extractions will delight fansWhy choose Turkisch landrace seedsThe Turkish is an original landrace suitable for extractions it Do you want to buy cannabis in Turkey? Read this detailed buying guide to know the laws and get the best quality weed seeds in Turkey! Read about the legal state of buying marijuana seeds online in Turkey, Find out where to buy marijuana seeds in Turkey as of 2022 .

Benefits Turkisch landrace

The Turkish is an original landrace, suitable for extractions it will find the tastes of hash old school of the 1980s. The flowers are they as powerful with a sweet scent of hash. A variety particularly suited to lovers of old-fashioned hash.

How is the Turkish landrace strain originated:

The Turkish comes from a gift from a friend who following a road trip has brought back a few batches of seeds selected on site. Once here I was able to work on several generations for the most indica side possible at first and also the hashy side of this strain.

Flowering and growth from Turkish landrace

The flowering time is 9 to 10 weeks, the stretch is moderate from X3 to X4, the plant grows in the shape of Christmas tree not requiring special care.

The harvest is plentiful, with large buds well supplied

The taste is old-fashioned hashy

Medical properties: N.A

Seed Features

Plant height will give you a idea how the height will be from your cannabis plants

What kind of taste and smell can you expect when buying cannabis seeds in sanniesshop, a overview of different taste and smell property’s from each strain, Beware every seed is a individual and can vary in taste and smell

Flowering time means the time the plant/buds need to get fully ripe (harvesting time) and we measure this time from the clock is turned on 12/12 cicle.

Plants from different country’s and area’s can have different flowering time’s. These are putted in groups like : Indica / Sativa / Hybride / ruduralis. Al these type of plants have different flowering periods and are mentioned in the seeds feature.

A indica type of plant has a shorter flowering period from around the 7-9 weeks while sativa’s can have flowering periods from 10-13 weeks or more. The hybride is a combination from those plants with flowering times that will be in between so around the 10 weeks.

The grow period of seedlings is always at least 3-4 weeks, this grow period they will take and it doesnt matter if tthe clock is on 18/6 or 12/12. The 12/12 from start method is a good method but sanni shop advice’s to use hybride’s or sativa’s to be sure you get the space nicely filled. With indica type of plants we advice to put in more plants on a m2 like example 16-24 plants on a m2

The grow period is also depending on the type of plants even as the amount of plants on a m2. A sativa dominant plant need a shorter grow period as a indica type of plant.For example a grow room from 1m2 filled with 9 sativa’s would need almost no grow period to fill the space while a indica type of plant needs 3-4 weeks to fill up the same space before you can switch the colock to 12/12. This is why its better to use more indica type of plants on a m2. In this way the sativa’s dont have to take so much longer in total as a indica plant.

Sativa type plants grow for another 3-5 weeks after putting the clock on 12/12 while indica’s grow for 2-3 weeks after the clock is on 12/12. This is usable info to prodict youre own veg and flo period with a filled up grow room

  • 9 weeks
  • 10 weeks

The harvest is as big as the weakest link !

Sannie shop counts the harvest in m2 (600 watt) and flowering period. It should not sound weird that sativa plants have longer flowering periods but also the plants with the highest harvest in grams. Indica’s will have shorter flowering time as that a sativa has, the length of the flo time and amount off harvest should be counted beside each other. Hybrid plants have the best of both worlds and can give good harvest in a average flo period of around the 10 weeks

Methodes to enhance your results are :

SOG (sea of green) which means that the plants are growed in full force without topping or fimming

Scrog (screen of green) which means the plants are tied down on a scrog net and all the shoots will be on the same height

Climate is the most important link in you re grow room and is for 60-70 % responsible for the weight of you re harvest.

Sannie´s shop advice all our customers to grow on soil with organic nutrients to be sure you get the most natural taste and best harvest.The genetics can be choosed for taste-harvest and experience and last but not least preference. Knowing the strain you are growing will make sure you get the best harvest.

  • up to 500 grams

Type of plant means like : indica / sativa / hybride – auto flower

Indica type of plant are short and busy which tend to grow wide instead of tall, indica is shorter in flowering time but needs more veg time to fill up the space.

Indica type of plants gives a more stoned feeling which are preferred by medical users, stoned feeling is more in the body.

Hybrid type of plants are hanging between the indica and the sativa type of plants which give them also the properties form both, they grow to medium heights and need more space as there indica sisters, 5-9 plants on 1m2 will be filling up the space nicely.

Because they are crosses between indica and sativa type of plant we as breeder try to collect the best of both worlds in one seeds,

The hybrid’s can give a stoned/high or a combination feeling, it depends which type of hybrid you will get, for commercial growing the hybrids are favorite

Sativa type of plants need space and height and you need less plants on a m2 to fill up the space, she can grow to big heights, the last years there is a hype of growing sativa’s in a scrog method.

Sativa’s give a good and balanced high and will take you re brain to another dimension instead of locking you into you re bank.

Buy Cannabis in Turkey – A Complete Buying Guide in 2022

Turkey is one of the few countries that is on two continents. Its unique history is the reason why so many people from the country are strong patriots, proud of their nation.

This country is also perhaps the oldest home of marijuana, with newly discovered proof indicates that Turkish land had witnessed this herb even before it encountered modern human civilization.

Turkey is also one of the wealthiest and most developed nations in Europe. Therefore, you might be thinking it safe to assume that cannabis possession, use, selling, buying, and cultivating are all legal or, at least, not punished here. check out The Legal Status of Cannabis in The European Union

But is that really true? If you are a weed-loving resident of Turkey, chances are you definitely know the answer to the question.

However, if you are a tourist planning a visit, you might need to read the rest of this buying guide.

Here is everything you have to think about marijuana in Turkey in 2022.

Marijuana Roots in the History of Turkey

Evidence suggests that marijuana was cultivated in Turkey as long ago as 1,000 BC. Throughout the history of this country, hemp was generally grown and valued for its numerous uses.

The use of ”hashish” was also culturally acknowledged for some centuries. Indeed, the Sufi form of Islam utilized cannabis in their ceremonies, and coffee houses across the country permitted it on their premises.

This situation changed in the 1900s. In 1925, Turkey, along with Egypt, demanded for the inclusion of marijuana in the Geneva International Convention on Narcotics Control .

Cultivation of industrial hemp likewise decreased, thanks mainly to the growing popularity of synthetic fibers. In 1961, Turkey had 35,000 acres given to growing cannabis. The number had shrunk to just 11.3 acres in 2017!

Throughout the last 50% of the 1900s, cannabis was regarded as a danger to general health. However, ongoing developments suggest a change in opinion.

The introduction of medical cannabis recognizes the plant’s ability to ease symptoms associated with various health conditions.

Politicians and the Turkish individuals also invited Erdogan’s decision to start growing industrial hemp again.

Shipping Lanes to Europe

Because of its geographical area, Turkey has historically must be proactive in controlling drug trafficking. Acting as a ”gateway” between the Middle-East and Europe, it’s a well-known area for illegal drugs to be smuggled into the continent.

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For this reason, the general opinion of cannabis has been mostly negative in the past. Figures show that young individuals in Turkey use it far less than their fellow European counterparts.

Cannabis is becoming more famous in metropolitan areas, though, even though it is illegal.

Federal Drug Laws in Turkey

Although surrounded by countries and territories that have legalized or decriminalized marijuana or tolerate those who use it, Turkey remains staunch in its conservative stand against the spice.

The Turkish Penal Code defines prison sentences of 1-2 years for those who purchase, get, cultivate, or possess drugs for personal use. There is also the alternative of treatment and/or probation of as long as three years.

If drug users deny treatment or do not agree to their probation requirements, the courts can impose a prison sentence.

No punishment will apply if a reliant user requests treatment before the inspection.

In some cases, it is ok if the healthcare professionals do not report the offense.

Medical Marijuana Laws in Turkey

Medical use of marijuana is legal in Turkey. But, it is allowed only if the patient has a prescription from a registered health expert. Patients cannot buy cannabis buds, whether they have a prescription or not.

The Turkish Ministry of Health included Sativex to its ‘importable medicines’ list in February 2017, enabling pharmacies to order the product from abroad. CBD oils are also generally available.

In 2016, the government legalized the production of marijuana for medical purposes in 19 provinces across the nation. These included Amasya, Malatya, Izmir, and Antalya, among others. The government will rigorously monitor the plantations.

The authorities will do inspections every month before the harvest season, and all leftover parts of the plant after harvesting must be disposed of cautiously.

How to Get a Prescription For Medical Marijuana?

You must be assessed by a Turkish doctor who is authorized to issue ”red” prescriptions to get a prescription for medical marijuana. The doctor can guide this type of prescript to medications that contain narcotics.

When the doctor gives a prescription, the patient may obtain cannabis-based medicines such as Sativex or CBD oils. Presently, the county import these products.

However, in 2016, many businessmen have established the cannabis production facilities across the country, which means Turkey should produce its own medicine later on.

Usually, the government allows this medical cannabis just for patients who have attempted other forms of treatment and discovered them to be ineffective.

Is CBD Legal in Turkey?

Many individuals are confused as to whether CBD oil is legal in Turkey. The official line seems to be legal, but just if the THC ratio of the oil is 0.2% or less.

Some medical products containing CBD oil are available at pharmacies as well, and some doctors are happy to prescribe them.

Possession and Consumption Rules for Cannabis in Turkey

Turkish law generally has severe penalties for those caught with cannabis in their possession. The Turkish Penal Code states that the authorities will give prison sentences to those who possess or purchase cannabis. At present, the sentence is for two to five years.

Offenders have the choice to have treatment instead of a jail order. If the offender request treatment from a doctor before the police arrest him/her, the doctor is not legally required to report them to the police.

The offender can also choose probation as an option in contrast to prison (as long as three years). However, recurrent offenders cannot choose probation a second time.

If cannabis users reject treatment or fail to keep to their probation requirements, the Turkish courts would then be able to issue a prison sentence.

Is CBD Legal in Turkey?

Many individuals are confused as to whether CBD oil is legal in Turkey. The official line seems to be legal, but just if the THC ratio of the oil is 0.2% or less.

Some medical products containing CBD oil are available at pharmacies as well, and some doctors are happy to prescribe them.

Possession and Consumption Rules for Cannabis in Turkey

Turkish law generally has severe penalties for those caught with cannabis in their possession. The Turkish Penal Code states that the authorities will give prison sentences to those who possess or purchase cannabis. The authorities have fixed the sentence for two to five years.

Offenders have the choice to have treatment instead of a jail order. If the offender request treatment from a doctor before the police arrest him/her, the doctor is not legally required to report them to the police.

The offender can also choose probation as an option in contrast to prison (as long as three years). However, recurrent offenders cannot choose probation a second time.

If cannabis users reject treatment or fail to keep to their probation requirements, the Turkish courts would then be able to issue a prison sentence.

Cultivation of Weed Plant in Turkey – Legal or Not?

The Turkish government permitted cannabis production in 19 provinces across the country in 2016. All cannabis farms in these areas are government-controlled , and authorized farmers must get free of all parts of the plant after harvesting to make sure it isn’t sold on as a psychoactive drug.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reported in 2019 that the country would also start to grow industrial hemp later on.

He commented that he is calling out to his country; let’s start the process to grow industrial hemp. Everyone will see that industrial hemp has many benefits in a wide range of areas.

However, it is illegal to grow cannabis at home, even if it is just for personal use.

Are the Sales and Supply of Weed Allowed in Turkey?

Turkey’s range presents an exceptional situation in terms of cannabis supply. Situated close to drug-producing countries in the Middle-East, it acts as a gateway for weed dealers to supply illegally in Europe.

There is significant pressure on the Turkish government to manage this trafficking, and as such, the penalties are harsh.

The import and export of marijuana can end in a prison sentence of 20 to 30 years. Selling or supplying it inside the country means a sentence of 10 years or more.

It increases to 15 years or over if the offender has sold it to a minor. Synthetic cannabinoids result in an extended sentence (of half).

Moreover, if the supplier has a legally regulated activity (e.g., doctor, pharmacist), the judge might increase the sentence.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Turkey

The purchase of weed seeds is illegal in Turkey, aside from if you are a licensed grower.

Even if you are a medicinal marijuana patient with a legitimate prescription, you still should not be buying seeds for yourself.

Residents typically purchase marijuana seeds in Tarlabasi. However, if you are a tourist and/or traveling alone, you might need to keep Tarlabasi separate from your plan because the place can be quite dangerous to those new to the territory.

You can instead go to such areas as Beyoglu and Taksim Square. There are a lot of cafes and bars there where you can easily purchase weed. You can also order online and settle on discreet shipping.

For that, we suggest you order from reliable seed banks such as Crop King Seeds, ILGM, Sensi Seeds, or MSNL.

Marijuana Culture in Turkey

Despite its illegal status and harsh penalties, weed continues to attract the Turkish public, particularly young adults. In fact, approximately 15% to 20% of residents smoke weed on a regular basis!

If you are happy to risk spending the following two years of your life in a Turkish jail, then you can easily find weed for recreational use out on the streets.

People know cannabis with different names such as “esrar” or “kesh” in this country, whereas for hashish, they have names like “kubar” or “toz esrar.”

There’s no need to say that you should keep your transactions hidden, mainly if it is your first time in Turkey or buying marijuana in the country.

You need to be aware of street delears who can trap you and get you money in exchange of nothing but weed like stuff. There are also chances that undercover cops might catch you red handed!

You need to be ready with a couple of bucks to pay off the authorities if the police find you. It doesn’t mean that all Turkish policemen are corrupt, but you can negotiate with a few.

Marijuana in the Politics of Turkey

Up until now, most of Turkey’s political parties adopted an anti-cannabis stance. However, President Erdogan’s ongoing change of heart regarding industrial hemp production reflects a shift in general opinion.

His ongoing comments about “enemies of Turkey who pretend to be friends” is thought to be focused on the US, who encouraged Turkey to make cannabis production illegal.

In an offer to change the Turkish individuals’ attitudes to cannabis, the government television station (TRT) started airing infomercials about the advantages of hemp production.

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New Innovations Regarding Cannabis in Turkey

Industrial hemp production is an appealing opportunity for businesses in Turkey. The plant offers an excellent chance for innovation – the fact that some companies are as of now capitalizing on it.

Turkish venture firm TechnoArge has built up an airport X-beam scanner that utilizes a cannabis-based composite. This stops radiation emissions and improves the safety of the surrounding condition.

The organization is also working on a bullet-proof vest, using the same composite. It makes the vest far lighter and more sturdy than the vests usually accepted at present.

Will Cannabis Legalization Help with the Economy of the Country?

In 2019, the top of the Cannabis Institute of the Center for Eurasian Strategic Studies predicted that Turkey could gain as much as $100bn by 2030, just from controlled cannabis production!

They also highlighted the different uses of the plant, for instance, in paper manufacture, textile production, plastic production, biodiesel, and more.

Turkey has succeeded in modifying an illegal industry into a feasible market opportunity before. Poppy production got legal in Turkey in the 1970s, and poppy farms began opening soon after.

The opioids contained in poppies have gotten vital to pharmaceutical companies across the world; demand remains high. This increase in demand has helped Turkey’s economy.

The Future of Cannabis in Turkey

At present, there is no sign that the Turkish government plans to decriminalize the recreational use of marijuana. Penalties for being found in possession of marijuana, even for personal use, are moderately harsh.

However, President Erdogan’s decision to legalize industrial hemp production marks a distinct transformation. By recognizing the economic value of cannabis, this may bring about a change in open perception.

Last Thoughts

With one foot in Asia and another in Europe, Turkey is still far from following its Western neighbors into a more lenient stand on cannabis.

Although still almost hard when it comes to marijuana, Turkey has gained impressive ground as of late. At present, the government allows possession, selling, buying, and growing marijuana for medical (and in some cases, “scientific”) purposes.

Recreational cannabis use and related activities remain entirely illegal, and fines and prison times are formidable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hemp farming is now permitted in 19 districts of Turkey. On January 10, Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli stated that the government would provide permission to new hemp cultivation sites.

Yes. CBD oil is not explicitly lawful nor illegal. However, mixes containing any traces of THC are prohibited. Hemp oil is widely available in Turkey, and many dealers offer vials of Hemp Oil as CBD Oil.

Although it is permissible to transport cannabis seeds to most European nations, Turkish legislation prohibits it. Cannabis seeds are not allowed to be sold in Turkey, nor can they be shipped there.

In Turkey, the optimal period to germinate cannabis seeds is between March and May. Always grow cannabis seeds when the risk of frost has passed.

MSNL and Crop King Seed banks ship to Turkey.

Istanbul has the second-highest cannabis usage rate after Barcelona compared to selected metropolitan regions in Europe, the United States, Oceania, and China. In terms of the worldwide cannabis use rate, Istanbul was followed by Adana, another Turkish city.

Canada, Georgia, Malta, Mexico, South Africa, Australian Capital Territory in Australia, Uruguay, the District of Columbia, 18 states and two territories District of Columbia in the United States authorized recreational cannabis usage.

Gorilla Glue is an indica-dominant hybrid created by combining an indica parent strain with a sativa parent strain. It is typically 60 percent indica and 40 percent sativa, while certain GG variations may be a 50/50 hybrid.

Pineapple Kush is a Indica-dominant cannabis flower that produces an intense but not overpowering high. After the first twenty minutes, it provides users with cerebral and physical symptoms, most notably bloodshot, blurry eyes, and cottonmouth.

There are around 700 cannabis strains, many of which have catchy names. Some are strains from one of the three subspecies. Many of them are crossbred hybrids. The strains can be termed in various ways, including fragrance or ancestry.

Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies are the most popular cannabis strains. These two have different impacts, but they’re both recognized for making you feel joyful or euphoric in some way and excellent for alleviating.

Buying Marijuana Seeds in Turkey 2022

Laws on Buying & Growing Marijuana Seeds in Turkey. Growing Tips, Recommended Strains, and the Best Seed Banks That Ship to Turkey For the [year] Growing Season.

In 2022, cannabis laws still vary significantly from one part of the globe to another.

In Turkey, cannabis products, such as seeds, are strictly controlled by law and have been severely criminalized since the early 1900s. Here is your legal guide on growing, using, selling, and buying cannabis seeds in Turkey, whether you live there or plan to visit.

As a bonus, you’ll soon discover our top seed strains to grow in Turkey, recommended seed banks, suggested grow tips, and so much more!

In a Nutshell — The Legality of Buying Marijuana Seeds in Turkey

If you’re thinking about growing marijuana seeds at home in Turkey — this is the guide for you.

Turkey is a picturesque nation that offers fertile soil and agreeable weather throughout the year. However, cannabis seeds and marijuana products face stiff laws from the Turkey government.

Here is a summary of the most important legal aspects regarding cannabis seeds, cultivation, possession, and consumption that you must be aware of:

  • Medical marijuana is legal (limited)
  • Recreational cannabis is illegal
  • Cannabis seeds are illegal (buying or possessing)
  • Cultivating marijuana seeds is illegal (even if bought at a seed bank)

Now, continue reading below to learn about growing cannabis seeds in Turkey, along with grow tips, seed bank recommendations, seed strain suggestions, and cannabis regulations to keep you informed for the 2022 growing season.

Girl Scout Cookies

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Turkey

If you’re ready to grow marijuana seeds in Turkey — here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

When to Sprout Cannabis Seeds in Turkey

The best time to germinate cannabis seeds in Turkey is between March and May. Remember, always plant cannabis seeds after the chance of frost is over.

Issues to Consider When Growing Marijuana Seeds in Turkey

Next, cannabis is illegal in Turkey.

Therefore, keep these dangers in mind if you decide to grow weed seeds in Turkey:

  • Law enforcement
  • Thieves
  • Pests and diseases
  • Inclement weather

Tips for Growing Cannabis Seeds in Turkey

Growing weed isn’t as easy as it seems — unless you have professional-grade tips at your fingertips! Here are three of our favorite tips for cultivators that are about to grow marijuana seeds in Turkey.

Buy Cannabis Seeds From a Reputable Online or Local Seed Bank in Turkey

Always buy cannabis seeds from a top-rated seed bank.

From endless seed strain selection to affordable pricing — seed banks that ship to Turkey is the best option to get your hands on verified seed strains.

Buy Cannabis Seeds for Your Regional Climate in Turkey

As you browse an online seed bank — always check the seed strain description to ensure it’ll grow in your local climate. Believe us when we say it’ll save you from a massive headache down the road.

Plan Your Cannabis Garden in Advance

Before you rush to plant your marijuana seeds once they arrive from a seed bank — wait!

Make sure your indoor or outdoor garden is ready before you germinate your marijuana seeds.

Which Marijuana Seed Store Is the Best Option For Turkish Residents?

Now, let’s talk about two different types of seed banks that Turkish residents can purchase marijuana seeds from.

Local Cannabis Seed Stores in Turkey

Although cannabis seeds are illegal in Turkey — you’re sure to find them from local seed banks.

However, local Turkish “seed banks” are not legitimate businesses but informal outlets to purchase black market cannabis products. Therefore, buying cannabis seeds from a local seed bank in Turkey is risky.

If you’d rather avoid a headache — take a look at the second option below.

Online Cannabis Seed Banks That Ship to Turkey

If you are not the kind of person who wants to prowl the streets looking to buy cannabis seeds in Turkey and risking getting caught by police, you might find more comfort in ordering seeds online from a reputable seed bank.

There are currently plenty of popular seed banks that ship to Turkey and are known for their incredible quality. These online options make it easy for you to get high-quality cannabis seeds in Turkey without having to hunt them down.

You can enjoy convenient shipping and begin growing your own supply of marijuana in no time. While there are several seed shops, we recommend these seed banks as the best (in order):

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#1 – MSNL Seed Bank in London, UK, has been around since 1999 and ships to Turkey. It has great customer service and reputation. Furthermore, you can pay with Bitcoin (and other crypto-currencies), credit cards, bank transfers, cash, and money orders to secure your seeds.

#2 – Crop King Seeds is a Canadian seed bank that ships to Turkey. Crop King Seeds accepts many payment methods, such as Bitcoin, credit cards, bank transfers, and cash. Each order from Crop King Seeds is backed with stealth shipping and germination guarantees to make your experience as good as it gets!

Herbies Seeds Offers Shipping and Germination Guarantees. Bitcoin and Credit Cards Accepted.

Recommended Cannabis Seed Strains to Buy From Online Seed Banks and Grow In Turkey

Now for the fun part!

Let’s talk about our favorite seed strains that you can buy from online seed banks to grow in Turkey for the 2022 season!

Agent Orange Feminized Seed Strain

If you have ample space, we recommend none other than the hard-hitting sativa queen seed strain — Agent Orange.

The Agent Orange seed strain is incredibly easy to grow and flourishes in the Mediterranean climate of Turkey. From massive yields to unforgettable terpenes — get ready for the time of your life once you harvest the Agent Orange seed strain’s potent buds!

Blueberry Widow Feminized Seed Strain

We believe the Blueberry Widow Feminized seed strain is a must-have in everyone’s garden because it’s as good as it gets.

From blueberry and fuel terpenes to mind-numbing potency, the Blueberry Widow seed strain is a heavy-hitting beauty that’ll fill your jars full of weed for months to come.

Fruity Pebbles Feminized Seed Strain

If you’re ready to experience the hype of cutting-edge cannabis seed strain — look no further than the Fruity Pebbles Feminized seed strain.

The Fruity Pebbles seed strain is beyond easy to grow, making it perfect for beginners in Turkey. Furthermore, the Fruity Pebbles seed strain grows well both indoors and outdoors and pumps out ounces of some of the best-looking weed you’ve ever seen!

History of Cannabis & Cannabis Seeds in Turkey

Since 1890, cannabis and hashish have been prohibited by Turkish law.

In 1925, the government intensified the criminalization of cannabis by insisting that it be part of the League of Nation’s Geneva International Convention on Narcotics Control. To some people, this move was a sign of modernizing the laws in line with what the West was doing.

Cannabis Culture in Turkey

When in Turkey, you’ll mostly find young people in urban areas smoking weed, growing, and buying cannabis seeds there, even though it is strongly prohibited by law.

About 15-20 percent of Turkish residents are regular smokers of weed. For those who travel to Turkey and wish to be in the know, cannabis is called “esrar” or “kesh” there, while hashish is known as “toz esrar” and “kubar.”

Using & Possessing Cannabis: What is Turkish Law?

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor in Turkey, you cannot smoke weed in public areas under the law there. That being said, people do so frequently, even knowing it is illegal.

To stay on the safe side of the law, it’s best to use cannabis discreetly in Turkey, whether you plan to purchase weed from a dealer or buy cannabis seeds and grow your own. Avoid smoking in malls and parks, which are quite visible. Examples of more private locations are at home or in a rented room.

The Penalty for Possessing Cannabis in Turkey

Again, despite the fact that you may see people smoking it in public areas, it is illegal to possess cannabis in Turkey.

However, some law enforcement officers can be bribed if you get caught with a small amount of weed. You may try offering the police official a $50 bribe to avoid being penalized, but you do so at your own risk.

However, if you are caught in possession of at least 12.5 grams of pot, you face a stiff penalty. Under the law in Turkey, you must attend a rehabilitation program once a week and undergo mandatory drug screenings for six months if it is your first offense.

Failure to submit to the drug screenings could land you in prison for up to one year. Alternately, you may choose to go to jail for one year in lieu of the six-month rehabilitation-and-drug screening sentence.

Medical Marijuana in Turkey

From a medical marijuana perspective, Turkey is still fairly limited.

Doctors cannot prescribe marijuana or seed options for an affected patient. However, they do allow for certain cannabis-based product options that can offer some relief of the same variety.

A popular option in Turkey is Sativex. In order to get this, patients must obtain a red prescription from their doctor and can only be given in the event that more traditional methods did not help with the patient’s ailments.

Can You Buy Cannabis Seeds From a Seed Bank in Turkey?

While buying cannabis seeds in Turkey in 2022 is illegal, you can still buy them there from seed banks. People who live in the country frequently buy cannabis seeds in Tarlabasi. However, if you are a tourist, avoid buying cannabis seeds there, as it’s not safe for you to do so there and you risk being taken advantage of by dishonest dealers.

If you are a visitor, cannabis and cannabis seeds in Turkey are available by going to tourist-friendly bars and cafes in Beyoglu and Taksim Square and asking for “esrar.” Stay out of the back streets, as they can be dangerous, and do not approach strange groups as the risk of arrest can be high.

To avoid overpaying for cannabis or getting less-than-quality goods, try to go with a local when you make the purchase of esrar. If the dealer requests more than $80 for 20 grams, the dealer is trying to overcharge you.

Marijuana-Seeds.NL – High Quality Genetics. Shipping Worldwide.

Growing and Selling Cannabis Seeds in Turkey

The government controls the cultivation of cannabis seeds in Turkey after the passage of 2016’s “Hemp Cultivation and Control of Regulations.”

This allows growers in 19 of Turkey’s 81 provinces to grow cannabis for scientific or medical purposes. There is no provision in the law for distribution to medical patients in the country.

The Penalty for Buying and Growing Marijuana Seeds From Seed Banks in Turkey

Interestingly, despite all of the laws that have been passed to criminalize it, evidence suggests that cannabis seeds in Turkey have been grown since 1,000 BCE. Under the strict Turkish laws in 2022, though, it is illegal for anyone besides a licensed grower to cultivate weed.

The fertile soil makes growing cannabis seeds in Turkey quite easy. Also, the climate is a favorable environment for cultivation, as is the rugged land. The most sought-after area for cultivation is Lice, which is a Turkish district in Diyarbakir Province. The region is just 1,026km. However, police seizures of cannabis plantations have been steadily increasing there.

If you buy cannabis seeds from seed banks in Turkey, you risk a lengthy jail sentence. You can receive 4 to 10 years imprisonment for selling cannabis if found with a large amount of dried marijuana product.

Why is Turkish Law on Cannabis So Strict?

There are a few reasons for the harsh laws surrounding cannabis and cannabis seeds in Turkey.

First, Turkey faces diplomatic pressure to curtail drug trafficking through the country to Western Europe and North America (starting in Pakistan and Afghanistan). Also, the outlawed PKK or Kurdistan Workers’ Party is rumored to be still strong in Diyarbakir Province and heavily involved in growing cannabis seeds in Turkey.

Secondly, while the number of users of illegal drugs is small in 2022, it is growing, so the government likely wants to curb the spread of abuse of drugs. Interestingly, there is no hard drug/soft drug classification in Turkey like there is in the Netherlands, United States, and some other countries.

The outlawed PKK or Kurdistan Workers’ Party is rumored to be still strong in Diyarbakir Province and heavily involved in growing cannabis seeds in Turkey.

The Road Ahead for Cannabis Seeds in Turkey

If you go to Turkey for a trip or live there, you now know your legal rights and risks if buying marijuana seeds from local or online seed banks.

While buying cannabis seeds, as well as growing them, is illegal, people still do so in Turkey in 2022, much like in other countries across the globe. Use common sense when in this country or anywhere when it comes to staying on the right side of the law when smoking or growing cannabis.

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