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vancouver seed company

Vancouver Seed Company

Vancouver Seed Company Marijuana Seeds

This Company is one of the top seed banks not only in Canada but in the whole world. It is known for its wide collection of world-class marijuana seeds such as Vancouver Island Seeds Company (VISC) and Liberty cannabis seeds. It carries the top ten strains and high-grade hybrids from reputable and expert breeders. All transactions with Vancouver Seed Company is considered by clients as a very refreshing and pleasant experience. The organized purchasing process is swift and efficient. Orders online are meticulously and discreetly processed including the payment method. Special offers from Vancouver Seed Company are very valuable deals. The Potpourri Special which entitles the customer to a free VISC mix for every regular purchase of any cannabis seed is a very good example. Why? Because in some seed banks the free seeds given to the clients are usually substandard products. But at VSC, the complimentary seeds are equally quality seeds.

VSC is one of the few seed companies that regularly launch promotional activities like seeds photo contests, website specials, and medical test packs. It has a very impressive site and a very professional approach and yet a friendly atmosphere. Buying the finest marijuana seeds from Vancouver Seed Company is a good start for amateur marijuana growers who are serious about producing their very own pot.

Vancouver Seed Company is one of the top seed banks not only in Canada but in the whole world. It is known for its wide collection of world class marijuana seeds.

Vancouver Island Seeds is Canada’s Best Seed Bank

We use the latest cutting edge technology to grow the best Vancouver Island Seeds. Canada is the leader for advanced cannabis growing techniques. So when you’re choosing your Canadian weed seeds, make sure you get the best from us and grow right, right form the start.

Vancouver Island Seeds

Vancouver Island Seeds is happy to supply our world famous premium cannabis seeds globally.

High Quality Vancouver Island Cannabis Seeds

Get high quality seeds from the best Vancouver Island seed bank. With our breeder connections, you’ll find over a hundred of the best cannabis genetics, delivered around the world.

Best Canadian Pot Seed Breeders

Vancouver BC has the best weather for marijuana seed production. The best breeders come from Vancouver Island because that’s where we have been raised since birth, away from the fuzz and natually protected in isolation off the main land.

Island Growers for Generations

Our ancestors have been breeding cannabis on Vacouver Island for many generations.

Canada’s Best Cannabis Seed Bank

Canada is world famous for growing some of the best cannabis strains in the world using the latest grow technology.

Best Climate Make The Best Seed

Vancouver Island, BC has the best climate in the entire world for growing cannabis seeds. All strains can be acclimatized on Vacouver Island including tropical sativa strains, as well as mountainous Alpine strains. So, it’s the best place to breed marijuana seeds to export internationally and domestically.

World Famous British Cannabis Columbia Seeds

Buy the best genetics from BC’s world famous Vancouver Island Seed Bank. We have top quality genetics shipped worldwide.

Vancouver Island Seeds, Canada's Premium Cannabis Seed Bank. Your best Vancouver Seed Bank with great prices everyday. Cannabis Seeds On Sale