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Tangie Feminized is a zesty, orange, citrus dank hybrid, that will zap you with crystal clear clarity, and focus. Bordering on euphoric, she is an easy to grow strain created by crossing Skunk with Californian genetics, well suited for beginner growers with a superbly floral, dank and sweet terpene profile. Incredible for hash making and extracts.

Genetics: Created by crossing California Orange known for her tangerine, citrus aroma and flavour, with Super Skunk. The result is an easy to grow, truly aromatic hybrid that boasts bold, fruity and dank flavours. She requires low maintenance and loves to be trained. Tangie Feminized is a highly resistant, fast flowering mix of indica and sativa genetics.

Strain Characteristics: She will grow short during 18/6, however will grow tall once flowering commences. We advise L.S.T and SCROG, when growing Tangie Feminized indoors to help control her height. She will grow one main central cola, accompanied by long and thin side branches. We advise pruning her prior to flowering to increase yields further and allow the plants to focus their energy on top growth.

Yields of 450 – 550 g/m² can be achieved when grown in a Sea of Green, where she will produce pointy, pine cone looking buds, with a heavy on set of trichomes. Her THC levels will range between 14-19% and flowering time taking 9-10 weeks. She does not require much maintenance, making her a great choice for beginner growers who enjoy fruity, mandarina terps. Thanks to the intense amount of resin she produces during 12/12, Tangie Feminized is a very rewarding strain for hash makers.

Experiencing this strain: The effects of this hybrid can be described as clear minded, focused, motivated and mentally sharp. A wonderfully clear cut effect, that is perfect for morning times, day times, smokers with a low tolerance, busy individuals, musicians, writers, artists and those who like a euphoric, feel good factor.

Her sweet and dank orange aroma is just as clear as her cerebral effects, with flavours of fresh tangerines, oranges with a sweet floral edge. Tangie Feminized is the ultimate pick me up strain, that will make you feel rejuvenated as a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Medical patients may find this strain useful for removing feelings of nausea, anxiety, improving motivation and clarity, relieving feelings of depression and overall well being.

What makes this strain so great: A very unique hybrid when it comes to the fruity and floral department. Immense resin production and one lady who loves to be trained. Hash makers and extracts artists will make some magic with this easy to grow classic.

Tangie Feminized is a zesty, orange, citrus dank hybrid, that will zap you with crystal clear clarity, and focus. Bordering on euphoric. Easy to grow.

Tangie Fem

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Dominant Origins & Notables


True to its sativa heritage, Tangie Fem strain seeds will reach high to the sky. Growing as high as five feet tall in optimal conditions. This strain loves the sun and flourishes in the natural sun. It is tolerant of indoor growing formats but requires specialized methods or a larger space so it can really stretch its limbs. As with all cannabis plants, attention should be paid in the form of regular watering, feeding and trimming. All this being said, Tangie is a relatively easy strain to grow but remember that the more love you show the plant the greater the end reward.

Flowering Time

Sativa strains are known for having a slight tendency to take their time in flowering. Tangie is no exception to that principal, however, it is on the quicker side of sativa flowering times. Flowering times of this strain can vary between eight to ten weeks. Experienced growers will agree that being patient with the strain during flowering will allow it to achieve its full potency and flavor. Tangie aids cultivators in recognizing the appropriate time to harvest by releasing a very noticeable scent of tangerines from the buds. Those buds are rather glorious to gaze upon as well, super resinous and laced in shiny white trichomes bursting with bright orange pistils. Sight and smell alone make this one of the prettiest flowering cannabis plants out there.


Experienced cultivators tend to have great success when growing Tangie indoors, larger indoor growing spaces are recommended as the plant tends to grow tall. High intensity sodium discharge lamps of six hundred watts or greater will really help deliver the energy the strain needs to flourish. Increase that output to a thousand watts if using light emitting diode lamps. Regular trimming of fan leaves and inner branches is critical to guarantee good air circulation, helping to prevent mold and mildew. Flowering times are generally in the neighborhood of seven to nine weeks with this format and with optimal care and attention, cultivators of the strain can expect yields of over one pound per square meter.


Tangie performs best when grown outside, this is confirmed by the original breeder of the strain. When given the space it needs your plants can grow to heights of five feet tall and sport many branches within which to grow flowers. Sativa strains do tend to have a slightly weaker limb structure than their indica counterparts so supporting the branches is highly recommended. Avoid animal by-product fertilizers as they can leave residue in the soil and affect the taste of your finished flower. Sourcing a good quality vegan fertilizer will help prevent that. Making certain that your water source is PH balanced will also help keep the plant strong and resistant to common conditions like pests and mold. When growing outdoors, you should carefully inspect and trim your plants at least every couple of days to manage any potential pest problems before any hungry little critters gain a foothold. The extra effort you put in today will reward you later with some sticky, resin coated buds that shine with snowy white crystals. Yields of over one pound can be expected in optimal conditions with good care.

Medical Application

True to its sativa genetics, Tangie is a reliable treatment for alleviating most symptoms of depression. The higher THC content should be approached cautiously when being used for symptoms of anxiety. That being said, the strain can help with the condition in lower doses. Other medicinal benefits include easing of nausea and increasing the appetite. Notably, Tangie can have a significant effect of relieving the debilitating nature of adrenal fatigue by boosting physical energy levels better than your morning coffee.

Adverse Reactions

With a potent THC content as high as twenty-two percent inexperienced smokers can find themselves overwhelmed quite easily. When smoking the strain for the first time it is always wise to go slow and go low. Simply by following that motto, smokers can reduce the common adverse reactions of paranoia, increased anxiety and headaches that Tangie has been known to produce.


We all have those days that seem as if the weight of the world is on our shoulders. Days where our energy levels are low and our minds are slow. This is where Tangie really shines. The strong sativa genetics within the strain can produce a glorious uplifting boost to the senses and give smokers a euphoric calm that makes the weight of the world sluff off their shoulders. Without that weight, a wave of productive energy flows through the body. The strain is well suited to mindful tasks like writing, artistic projects and even the more mundane household chores. As the buzz passes the body becomes relaxed but not at the cost of your productivity.



True to the aroma of the strain, Tangie tastes of sweet tangerines and sour citrus. Flavors of this strain have made it one of the most sought after around the world. From the first time you try this beauty, you’ll become a fan.

Similar Strains

If you’re looking for a strain that boasts similar qualities to Tangie, but offer their own flair, the following strains are ideal suggestions.

Chocolate and oranges smash together beautifully in Tangie x Chocolope. As it is affectionately known, Tangilope delivers broad smiles and giggling fits. It is great for treating stress and depression it makes fast fans out of first-time smokers.

California Dream fem must have been inspired by the Mama’s and the Papa’s because it produces a dreamy, euphoric state that floods the mind with creativity and inspiration. Minty, sweet citrus flavor signals the beginning of the end for anxiety, pain and headaches. This indica dominant strain is best enjoyed in the evening.

Sticking with The Golden State themed strains, California Haze isn’t as hazy as the name suggests. It is mildly psychedelic but very clear headed and has considerable mood boosting qualities. A phenotype of Amnesia Haze with a spicy fruit flavor with matching aromas this strain will make you dream of California sunshine on a winter day.

There seems to be a west coast theme happening here. California Orange x Skunk is where it all started though. It is a slightly less potent rendition of Tangie but very much appreciated for its clear headed, focused buzz that helps shake off stress, pain, loss of appetite and anxiety. A sweet and sour aroma with a funky, skunky, citrusy flavor round out the session well.

Last but certainly not least on our list is the legend itself, Skunk 1 fem. Skunk #1 has been around the block and back again but has remained as popular in modern times as even the trendiest strains. By crossing Acapulco Gold, Columbia Gold and Afghani, breeders produced a perfect fifty percent split between indica and sativa. Effects include a subtle sedation of the body, a euphorically relaxed mind and of course, the munchies. As it is lower in THC than the previously mentioned strains, Skunk #1 is a suitable choice for inexperienced smokers.

Nick Names

The original breeders of this strain seemingly perfected the name from the get go, as no commonly used nicknames for the strain have become embedded in popular cannabis culture. It’s short, it’s sweet and it’s the perfect treat.

Final Thoughts

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