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hp seeds

Hp seeds

Plant type: Medium Plant, short internodes, more number of branches, very good fruit set with dense foliage and gives a good yield for longer Period.

Height of Plant: 60 to 80 cm

Fruit: Shiny green with Smooth Skin.

Fruit Length: 7 to 8 cm.

Fruit Diameter: 1.0 to 1.1 cm

Special Character: Attractive green fruits, early fruiting, high Pungency, Very Good for fresh market, fruit turn red after maturity. Easy to harvest, firm fruit with more number of seeds.

Nongwoo Seed India Pvt Ltd

Hp seeds

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Good to see seeds online. Impressed with ontime delivery.
Srinivas, Bangalore Rural
Knowledgeable customer care team helped us in choosing the right product. I got good yield.
Brijraj,Baran, Rajasthan
Good quality seeds. I got very good germination.
Sampath, Mahbubnagar,Telangana

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