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Fruit Spirit

Fruit Spirit: One of the best-tasting strains at RQS

Fruity genetics

Fruit Spirit boasts a name that explains exactly what it has to offer. This White Widow and Blueberry-derived cultivar soars with a sweet flavour profile and even sweeter effects. For connoisseur smokers seeking a sensation that will never get boring, we are proud to present Fruit Spirit feminized by Royal Queen Seeds.

Dependable growth and sweet yields

Despite being sativa-dominant (60%), Fruit Spirit seldom grows over a metre tall indoors. Outside with lots of sun, she can stretch up to 2 metres. This is a great strain for growing in warm, even tropical climates like Spain, Italy, Greece, Jamaica, and Brazil.

On average, Fruit Spirit will yield 475–525g/plant outside and 375–425g/m² inside under a 600W light. Fans of large main colas with be very pleased with the growth of Fruit Spirit. Consisting of dense, frosty buds, it carries an aroma that will have you itching for harvest.

After an 9-10 week flowering period, which is quite short for a sativa-leaning strain, Fruit Spirit will be ready for the chop. Extra care and consideration should be taken to maximise the flavour profile of Fruit Spirit after harvesting. Our recommendation is to dry your plant for 7 days prior to trimming/clipping. Performing a dry trim will help to maintain this special flavour, which can be easily lost during the drying period.

Out-of-this-world effects

The smoke from Fruit Spirit is beyond outstanding. Its super-sweet blueberry taste combined with a pleasant head high is guaranteed to make this marijuana one of your all-time favourites. The aroma experienced in the grow-op is heightened even further, culminating in what can only be described as an exquisite smoke session. With 18% THC, the high is simultaneously uplifting but not too overwhelming, making it a great strain for any time of day.

Fruit Spirit has a very descriptive strain name. This cannabis variety induces very spirited highs with a flavoursome, fruity punch.

Fruity Tasting Cannabis Seeds

Fruity strains are some of the most sought after varieties in the cannabis community. Whether you fancy watermelon, passionfruit, or even banana and mint- there’s a cannabis strain to suit every fruity taste bud. At the moment one of the most popular marijuana strains out of California influenced by a candy name is Runtz. In fact these sweet sweets are some of the most expensive selling for $700 directly from the runtz website.

But fruity cannabis is not only discovered on your tastebuds- some strains smell sweet and fruity, but won’t necessarily taste as fruity. What creates these differences? What makes a bud smell like a sweet summer night? Or the tropical hints of a Caribbean day in the sun? There are literally hundreds of fruity cannabis strains, but some are worth more as a collectible than others, such as strains that have won awards from marijuana events like the Cannabis Cup. And there are still other excellent fruity strains that do not have an award to show for it but are still deserving of an honorable mention. Let’s take a look at what fruity wonders the cannabis world has on offer.

What Makes a Strain Fruity?

But wait, before we get to the fruity featured cannabis seed strains, you might be wondering, what actually makes a cannabis plant taste or smell so fruity? How can a dried nugget of marijuana smell like mango? Or blueberry? Or bananas for that matter?

The answer is simple. So simple, in fact, that it can be summed up in a single word: Terpenes.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the very ‘things’ that you smell when you are enjoying a fruity scented nugget. But what exactly are they, and how do they make plants smell so darn delicious?

If you want to jump straight ahead to the best fruity cannabis seed online, then skip this section and read ahead. But if you want to deepen your appreciation for cannabis, stick around to learn more about the fascinating compounds known as terpenes.

Terpenes are secreted by the very same glands that give off the famous cannabinoids like THC and CBD, and they are the aromatic oils that form the backbone of the essential oil industry as well. These aromatic oils are highly concentrated and found in varying quantities and flavors, depending on the cannabis strain and even the specific strain’s distinctive phenotype.

There are more than 100 terpenes that researchers have identified throughout recent years. But terpenes have more to offer than simple scents. Their aromatic properties can not only create complex flavor profiles, but they could also be responsible for the varying effects that the different strains can have.

What Factors Influence Terpene Production?

There are a variety of factors believed to influence terpene production, including climate, soil, fertilization, age, weather, and perceived threats. Perceived threats? Yes- terpenes don’t only smell pretty and nice, they offer a strong form of defense against predators. Certain terpenes are produced by plants throughout the plant kingdom when they are under threat. Terpenes play a protective role for many plants as they can be a deterrent against enemies, predators, or even poor living conditions.

Fruity Cannabis Strains

Here we are going to explore some well known and new fruity weed strains that have made some noise. The most popular fruity cannabis strain right now is Runtz from California. We actually have Runtz seeds for sale, and for much less than from their official website.

Blackberry Moonrock

Granted, you probably haven’t heard of the Blackberry Moonrock cannabis strain. It is available as both an auto seed and a regular seed right here at Seed City and, trust us; you will thank us for the introduction to this cannabis seed.

Blackberry Moonrocks seeds from Anesia is one of the most potent strains on the market, some testing with soaring THC levels of 32+%. But the THC levels are not the only high yields with the Blackberry Moonrocks strain- these purple nuggets contain a hat trick of highs- high in cannabinoids, high in terpenes, and high in flavonoids.

Genetic Lineage: Blue Moonrock x Blackberry

This 80% indica plant develops into tight buds that are jam-packed with resin. Some phenotypes even develop nugs that look as if they are cloaked in a blanket of dark resinous terpenes. The taste is almost unbelievable, with a strangely enticing hint of black current numbing the top of the pallet. Smooth and fruity, this is one of the most remarkable cannabis seeds to collect. Get yours from Seed City today.

Cherry Bomb

The Cherry Bomb cannabis seed strain from Bomb seeds is available as both auto and regular right there at Seed City. The strain is exactly what you would expect from one with a name like this. This version from Bomb Seeds is an indica dominant strain that grows into fluffy buds that carry a distinctive sweet cherry aroma. Some phenotypes have deep red, almost purple, shades, and are often quite beautiful. The taste is a unique blend of gassy diesel skunk with the sweet cherry coming in as an aftertaste. Not quite what you would expect from such a sweet-smelling bud, but the intense onset of effects quickly settles into a heady high. The cerebral stimulation slowly gives way to a relaxed and gentle physical sensation.

Cherry Bomb from Bomb Seeds genetics:
Big Bomb x with ‘a fruity mother.’

While the Blackberry Moonrocks is a strain that flies mostly under the radar, it is an extraordinary strain that, although potent, is surprisingly as gentle as it is tasty. The Cherry Bomb Seeds, on the other hand, is a more famous cannabis seed strain that is one of the most cherished fruity marijuana seed strains. Other fruity favorites include:

Tangerine Dream
Jamaican Dream
Crystal Candy
Fat Banana
Banana Glue
Strawberry Kush

Seed City offers the widest variety of cannabis seeds online. Find the best fruity cannabis seeds for sale online today, right here at Seed City.

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