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I’m giving 4 starts right now because…

I’m giving 4 starts right now because they have replied to my emails, but I’m still waiting on my seeds, gorilla glue if they don’t grow good I will be back to let you know and if they grow good I will let you know and the hundreds of people I deal with on Grass city fourm.

More Lies

More Lies, do you really expect people to believe your reply to mine? You are probably the same representative that evaded my basic questions then disappeared while we were having live chat..Your not fooling anyone except yourself. Read your reviews, the percentage of your customers are unhappy with your customer service and the seeds you sell. Now I expect another automated reply or more BS from you.


first order and last this place is a ripoff .only good for taking your money .go to other sellers do not waste your time and money .

Second and last time ordering from here

This is my second time using this company. Last year was the first time. Last year i had a problem with shipping times. But of course that was the start of the pandemic, so i tried to be understanding. This year though you would think that they would have adapted better to the current world. Sadly no, i paid by money order so i could get 3 free seeds. I received the seeds pretty fast ordered march 4th got them on april 3rd. I opened them when i got home from work tonight just to discover not only were the extra free pack of seeds in there but the seeds that were in there wasn’t even the ones i ordered. I wanted to give them a second chance because i heard good things about them, apparently i was lied to. Now im not even gonna get to grow because the seeds i got sent dont really go well with my states climate.

This is my second review of GCS and is…

This is my second review of GCS and is the review of the REPLACEMENT seeds for the fiasco on my INITIAL order.
Look for my first review titled ” To anyone reading this BEWARE!”
A recap of the initial order :
Ordered 12 FEM/PHOTO seeds ( 3ea of 4 varieties)
Of the 12 seeds, 7 were AUTOS and 4 of these autos were CBDs.
GCS replaced the 7 AUTO seeds ( they actually sent me 8 seeds).
7 of the replacement seeds germinated.
Wait for it.
YUP! I got 7 more AUTOS !
2 ruined grows in a row thanks to GCS.
Now I see reviews suggesting that GCS may also be PACIFIC SEEDS ? Is this GCS actually affiliated with the GCS in Spain?
Hey GCS, will you kindly connect me with the parent company in Spain please?
Alright ya’ll, lets see what the response is on this one. I’ll bet it starts off with ” We’re sorry. yadda yadda”.
To anyone reading this and thinking about doing biz with GCS. DON’T .
To you people who feel that you should leave a positive review for GCS take note : Just because you are all excited and got a chubby, based solely on the fact that ” my seeds arrived today”. PLEASE STOP !
THAT type of info does not help anyone. Instead, how about a review of what the seeds actually produced ? Did you get what you ordered? What about your germination percentage? Did any of your plants resemble each other ( IF of same variety)? Were / are your plants healthy ?
All in all. I think we should pay them a visit so we can actually see this operation. My guess is that they are filling the seed orders out of one bucket of mixed seeds.
Road trip anyone?


***UPDATE #1***
They responded that they were not the same company. Turns out the fact that they use the exact same confirmation emails, with the same graphics and the EXACT same paragraphs and disclaimers — and the EXACT same double payment received messages 7 days apart, aaaand both ship (mileage may vary) from the same town. SACRAMENTO. AAAAND have an abysmal rating on trust pilot is a complete coincidence. ?
They very cordially told me that I was mistaken. And that my package had been undeliverable because they made a mistake on the barcode. However, the USPS tracking number shows that USPS never received it in the first place. Then they informed me that they would be shipping it again to me at no additional cost to me. Because, for some reason I would pay for a package twice. Complete nonsense.

Original review below this line.

Sadly, this is the same company that runs Pacific Seed Bank. If you’ve done business with both, check your order emails and shipment verifications. They are word for word exact same template. Just different company logos. Also, they like to stall by sending you a confirmation that they received your payment and then sending that same confirmation a week or so later with the same tracking information. They don’t ship anything. But they make it seem like they’re just notifying you over and over. Freaking scammers. They won’t get me again. But make no mistake about it. This is Pacific Seed Bank. Last year I missed a month into the season with an entire quarter of my crops thanks to these Jokers. Luckily, I found an alternative. In fact, I’ll be purchasing that alternative tonight. I’m in no mood for discount codes or any empty promises, I needed my seeds like yesterday.

Thank you for your review. We are not affiliated with any other seed banks, and we are not part of Pacific Seed Bank.

We first send out an invoice/order confirmation. We state on the checkout page in a large orange box that we require up to 10 business days for processing before we ship.

Once we receive your payment, we send you an email receipt of payment.

After that, we print our your shipping label and send you an email shipment notification with tracking information. This is usually around 5 business days into the 10 business day processing time.

We do everything we can to be clear, and transparent about our delays. Everyone is working from home due to the pandemic and worker safety, and this adds extra processing time.

We are happy to help you with any issues that may arise, so please contact us at [email protected] for more assistance.

It’s a SCAM. I wouldn’t recommend anyone purchase…

I wouldn’t recommend anyone purchase anything from It’s A SCAM. Not a legitimate company. They take payments through a third party billing service and never send any products. After they get your money they will avoid answering your inquiries either by email or phone.

Thank you for your review. We use MESH to take Credit/Debit card payments, as they are the only form of Credit/Debit payments that are not federally restricted. We offer three other forms of payment, as well, and we absolutely send out all product after a 10 business day processing time, as indicated on our website at checkout.

If you are having an issue receiving your merchandise, please contact us as soon as possible at [email protected] so that we can help get to the bottom of the issue and make sure that you get what you pay for. Please advise.

I ordered frosty gelato x wedding cake.

I ordered frosty gelato x wedding cake.

Weird genetics.. hemaphrodited. came out smelling luke Tangie/Grapefruit.. not a hint of cake or gelato in these genetics. I wiuld honestly say that the seeds in my packaet have never seen gelato or wedding cake genetics..ever.

They stole my money

I placed an order and when I receaved the seeds I followed the termination guide and they said that I would be able to use 24720 points for my next order and they said use an account which was Harry.richardson to redeem my points but the fake account is not able for me to use the points. I having been going back and forth for 10 days with customer support now which these no brain people keep throwing more crap at me that does not seem to be getting closer to being resolved. In fact i am getting no where and may have to charge the company with grand theft and prosecute through small claims court

Buyer beware! GCS is a crooked seed bank.

I ordered approximately $400.00 plus in cannabis seeds from GCS. I have had the worse experience with their seeds not germinating or not growing when they germinated. My spring grow has been ruined due to the genetics of the seeds they sell. This company is ripping the consumer off big-time. I tried to get my money back and they gave me $70.00 worth of loyalty points. I am an experienced grower and I knew when I received the seeds in the mail that the quality of seeds was poor. The seeds were immature, like they harvested them way too early. The reason I went with GCS was because about 3 years ago I ordered from them and had no problems. This company is crooked with pathetic customer service. Why would I want loyalty points when the seeds they send me is just as bad as previous? Buyer beware! Don’t buy seeds from them, the genetics are terrible! I will never have anymore dealings with them. If I could give a negative review like -5 I would.

Thank you for your review. As stated on our website, we do not give refunds for merchandise that has been opened. We awarded you store credit according to our current peak-season store policy, and you are free to use that store credit on any replacement seeds you would like.

We have requested a refund for you, please check for our response and follow up with us for a resolution.

There genetics are so bad my cheese…

There genetics are so bad my cheese auto at week 4 look like its gonna take at least 2 month only to vegetate properly there seeds sucks so bad im very disappointed from genetics worst seed bank ever

3rd Revision

Ok, 3rd revision of this review. I was gonna leave it at 4 stars for the hiccup with the shipping but damn. 5/5 of my seeds germinated and I got 5 healthy sprouts ? I would’ve had 6 but I dropped a seed on my bedroom floor. I have hopes that one night it will spring up like Jack and the Beanstalk but anyway. 5 seeds, 5 sprouts=5 stars.
On the negative reviews. I definitely get it if you’re impatient and expected them tomorrow. I’m already gonna place my order for the mid summer planting soon. Secondly, the seeds are cheap (great thing!) but unfortunately it attracts a lot of newbie growers that honestly don’t know what the F they’re doing and don’t read the (simple) instructions on the website. Simple research ladies and gents will net results. I’m using a 60/20/20 ratio of organic top soil, worm castings and perlite. Just have patience and do your homework and you’ll be fine with GCS

I bought 4 strains at 10 seeds each 40…

I bought 4 strains at 10 seeds each 40 seeds total and out the 40 seeds i got 11 to germanite the other 29 seed failed some started to grem they cracked the shell and then they stopped out of the 11 i did get to grow none of the plants looked the same i had 3 gelatos all 3 where different i had 3 Bruce banners one of the Bruce plant came out real nice but the other to looked different out of 10 diesel strain i got only 2 seed to germ and that plant sucked big time small bad genetics and other died after seedling and 3 pine apple express 2 of the plant came out good 3rd one looked different i would say i would not recommend they seeds to anybody the genetics suck there crapy seeds i don’t even want replacements they can keep there garbage i have had great success with seedmans and ilgm both have great genetics and you get what you paid for growers choice seed suck 40 seeds only 11 popped

2 out of 17

2 out of 17! seeds actually germinated, this company has poor quality genetics, sloooooooow customer service and offer to give you points instead of new seeds because its “busy” season. Seeds from several different banks have all had a 100% germination rate, seeds that are 8 years old germinated just as fast as new seeds, that alone speaks volumes for their seeds. I will never waste another dime with Growers Choice Seeds, those points a.k.a. cash value should be refunded immediately..I followed growers choice instructions for germination, what a joke! They refused to replace failed seeds due to it being “peak” season like I said, I dont want replacement seeds, I dont want points I will never spend, I want my money back!

Reply from Growers Choice Cannabis…

Reply from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds
An hour ago
Thank you for your review. We always strive to replace merch that is properly germinated, and we are willing to take a second look for any customer who doesn’t feel comfortable with their resolution. Please feel free to contact us again with your issues, and we can come to a better outcome if you are so interested.

Only reason you’re getting back to
Me is that 833 people have read my review,that’s 833 you could of made money off..

What you going to do send me another 3 mystery seeds to fix the problem

Anyone that thinks they are getting the same plants as your stock photos are sadly mistaken

You don’t even care what kind of seeds you send out..
How are you going to fix all the harvests your worthless seeds wrecked on me

Sending me photo seeds instead of autos was a disgrace,your gorilla glue is a joke,not one plant looked like the other,super tiny yields horrible customer service,charging people $10 to replace this seeds is disgusting,you didn’t charge me this time because of the review I wrote

Thank you for your response. While I was unaware of how many people had read your review, we welcome you to be honest about your experience. We respond to every review, and strive to make sure anyone who has an outstanding issue to contact us for a resolution. We want to make sure that you have an opportunity to get your money’s worth.

We welcome you to contact us with information about your issue. Customers are always welcome to request free shipping. All we request is photo documentation so that we can be clear about your issues and can give you the best help. Please feel free to reach out with more information if you feel that your resolution was insufficient, and we absolutely re-evaluate your situation.

Review on there services emails

Im new to growing and i picked this company to start with. So i ordered 1 gg4 auto and 1 sour kush auto pack. Unfortunately the 3 gg4 had no success. But the 3 kush is doing good. So i emailed them about the problem and may i just say so helpful and response pretty fast to my emails. They replaced the gg4 for me after i emailed them proof that they did not sprout. Now they didnt ship me another pack but they did give me credit on my account that replaces the gg pack. Which still thats awesome that they did that. I will order again soon

Trial and Error : If I get response that my purchase has been received by USPS. Hightened review score, depends on my Purchase

First attempt in USA.
Reviews have cause for concern ,
(3) Seeds shouldn’t take 48 hours to release/ charge/since an unopened original package is being sent.
The times it takes to ship, mentioned in negative reviews.
This is overseas/ customs/ travel timeline.
Why does it take so long from southern USA to anywhere in America, **Unopened Package request: for American postal services***

Thank you for your review. To address your questions about our shipping time, we have taken extra measures to ensure the safety of all of our workers. This means adding a longer processing time to reduce contact and keep our employees out of harms way through this pandemic. We make sure to let everyone know about our processing time on the checkout page of our website, so that you have the most information before placing your order as possible.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, issues, or problems that you may experience, and we will make sure to address it.

I ordered 6 autoflower seeds

I ordered 6 autoflower seeds. Gg4 and Tangie dream. I germinated 1 seed from each strain and my gg4 exploded with growth and looks incredible still at week 3 of flower. Really impressed with gg4. TD however. I think it’s stunted. Has had mutated leaves since birth (soil ph is 6.6). It’s in the same conditions as gg4: 7gal bag, coco, 20-4 light, with it’s own 1000w full spectrum LED light but is just a slow dud! Maybe it’s just more sensitive than gg4. My main conditions are great like nutrients, lighting and all that. But I have crappy air flow, almost no CO2, and maybe that has attributed to the non-growth of TD.

Thank you for your review. Please contact us with an evaluation at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you further.

I finally got a harvest after 8 seeds

I finally got a harvest after 8 seeds, 9 months of horrible looking plants. Then the 8th or 9nh seed made it to harvest. It produced decent weight but the weed sucked. The buds looked good but hardly any THC, just a lot of terpenes.

I’ve bought 10 seeds on two separate…

I’ve bought 10 seeds on two separate occasions, all 10 germinated and grew to full potential. I will definitely buy again

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How to Choose Cannabis Seeds for Healthy Plants

how to grow cannabis seeds

So you’ve decided you want to grow cannabis. One of the most important and earliest decisions you’ll make is which seeds to use. A good seed contains the essential ingredients for a healthy, potent plant. Learning how to choose cannabis seeds doesn’t have to be complicated – learn the basic facts here.

How to Choose Cannabis Seeds: Buy or Grow?

Seeds are only produced by female cannabis plants after a male plant pollinates them. To grow your own seeds you will need the female plants that produce the seeds, as well as a male plant to fertilize the female plants. It’s as simple as placing the male plant near the female plant you want to fertilize. Seeds will appear in about 4-6 weeks. This can be a complicated process, with a lot of uncertainty, so many people choose to purchase feminized seeds instead.

Male vs. Female: Does it Matter?

Seeds can be male or female, but most people only want to grow female seeds. Why? Because female plants are the plants that produce buds. Most seed companies sell “regulars,” which contain male and female seeds. However, they also offer only female seeds, referred to as feminized seeds. There is a big price difference between the two, but its worth it to spend the extra money to make sure that you are working with feminized seeds so that you do not waste your resources growing male plants that don’t produce the results you want.

Choose Your Benefits

Think about the effects that you would like your cannabis to have when consumed. There are two main categories of cannabis – indica and sativa. Sativas produce an energetic, creative feeling in users. Indicas reduce anxiety and inflammation but often leaves users feeling tired.

How to Spot a Healthy Seed

Healthy marijuana seeds are dark brown, black, or some combination of both. We’d recommend you don’t use green seeds. Green seeds usually aren’t yet mature enough to sprout. Both bigger and smaller seeds will work. Indica seeds tend to be bigger-sized than sativa seeds. Another way indica and sativa seeds differ is in their patterns. Seeds that are brown and black are most likely indica, while the seeds that are a single color are generally sativa.

Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid

Cannabis sativa plants will grow tall and thin. They take longer to mature than indica plants. Sativa plants tend to have bigger yields than indica plants. Indica plants are shorter and more bush-shaped and tend to produce fewer buds than sativa plants.

For many years, people had to choose between the benefits of indica or sativa. But you can also grow hybrid plants, which blend the qualities of sativa and indica into one plant. Hybrids usually are dominant one way or the other – indica or sativa – but also produce the effects of the other kind of plant.

Another thing to consider, especially if you are a novice grower, is that indicas take less time to mature than sativas. Indicas are considered a hardier plant that can withstand more stress so they are more forgiving to novice growers who tend to make a few mistakes on their trial run.

Seed Preservation

Whether you grow your seeds or purchase them, you should take a few precautions to keep them safe until you are ready to grow them. If done correctly, you can store marijuana seeds for several years and still use them to grow healthy cannabis plants.

Seeds should be kept in a cool, dark, dry place. Do not expose seeds to sunlight or they may sprout. Do not expose seeds to moisture or they may sprout as well. Seeds should be stored at room temperature. Exposing the seeds to extreme cold or heat could damage the seed so that it can never be used.

How to Choose Cannabis Seeds for Success

Don’t get overwhelmed. There are a lot of options when it comes how to choose cannabis seeds! The best way to learn is just to get started.

If you choose to purchase seeds, start with a cheaper strain. Expensive doesn’t always mean better. Some of the old faithful strains are very potent. More complicated, newer, expensive hybrid strains can flop more easily. You don’t want to have spent too much money on seeds for your first plants. Choose a strain that people have been growing abundantly for many years so your first grow cycle is as problem-free as possible.

Want more information on how to choose cannabis seeds and more business tips? Check out the resources provided on our blog or podcast!

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Clifford Epperson on March 23, 2020 at 1:04 pm

I am a new beginner grower I have several plants in veg and in bloom I am using fox farm supplies and LED lights doing pretty good having a problem getting some good seeds

There are a lot of options when it comes how to choose cannabis seeds! The best way to learn is just to get started. Use this resource to help you do so!