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Buy Daye CBD Organic Tampons from Unfabled. With free delivery options available when you spend £15 we’ve got you covered for all your self-care needs. CBD Tampons are the next biggest wellness trend – but can they really ease period cramps, pain and TOTM related issues? Here, Ally Head reviews. The Best Organic Tampons, Period.

Daye | CBD Organic Tampons – Pack of 12

Pack of 12 CBD tampons by Daye. Made from lab-tested, organic, sustainably sourced cotton. The clinically-validated CBD tampons contain concentrated (30%) levels of whole plant hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD (100mg per tampon).


12 CBD tampons; 6 Super, 6 Regular

100% certified organic cotton

Bio-based recyclable, sugarcane applicator – no microplastics

Water soluble wrappers

Daye’s CBD is THC-free, pharmaceutical-grade and won’t get you high or show up on a drug test

Why we love DAYE

We are pretty obsessed with Daye. Rooted in science, s ustainable and clinically validated, their products are good for our bodies and the environment. CBD features across Daye’s product line and helps soothe us on days when our period is cramping our style.

CBD tampons: so, can they actually ease your period cramps?

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Delving into the alternative world of CBD tampons and find out how they provide all-natural pain relief for period pains.

Hands up if you’re one of the nine in ten women in the UK who experiences period cramps, or 40 to 50% of women suffering from primary dysmenorrhea, the medical phrase for painful periods?

If that’s you – don’t worry, you’re not alone. You won’t always have to rely on the a cocktail of of paracetamol, dairy milk and a hot water bottle to get your through your TOTM.

Luckily for women with painful or heavy periods, CBD tampons are rising in popularity in the UK. How do they work? They allow ‘a small percentage of the cannabinoid compound be absorbed through the vaginal mucosa.’ Now, while you may have heard about the many CBD benefits and the promise of CBD oil as a natural remedy for pain relief – the alternative remedy has been approved in several countries to treat pain related to multiple sclerosis and arthritis – do you know if it really works in tampon form?

We tested Daye CBD tampons for you to find out. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to insert a tampon – we’ve got a complete expert-led guide for that, or, alternatively, you could opt for period pants or period cups instead, which are also great examples of eco period products.

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In the meantime – keep reading for your complete guide to CBD tampons.

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CBD tampons: your guide

What are CBD tampons?

They’re basically your average tampon, but promising to have a cramp-fighting twist, too.

CBD tampons are tampons that have been coated in cannabinoid, and although there are no published research studies on using CBD for period relief at current, the theory remains that when it comes to menstruation, CBD can alleviate the pain created as the uterus contracts to expel its lining.

For those of you wondering what CBD is, CBD stands for cannabidiol, a type of cannabinoid chemical which is found naturally in the cannabis plant. FYI, CBD won’t get you high or intoxicate you (another cannabinoid, THC, does that).

Daye Mixed Size CBD & Naked Organic Cotton Applicator Tampons – 12 Pack, £14.00

Are CBD tampons and CBD infused tampons the same?

Short answer: yes, they’re exactly the same thing, just different ways of phrasing it.

Introducing Daye CBD tampons

Daye released the UK’s first clinically validated CBD tampons last year, marking the first foray into consumer products from the brand. After almost three years of research, Daye CBD tampons are available to buy from £7 to £16 for a box (FYI, they’re priced depending on the choice of tampons).

Their products contain a concentrated 30% whole plant hemp extract, plus a naturally occurring 100mg of cannabidiol per tampon. They say that yes, this is enough to offer pain relief, but no, not anything that could to get you high or show up on a drug test.

Fun fact: although Daye’s tampons are yet to be tested by outside labs or non-affiliated scientists as far as Marie Claire is aware, their own clinical trials show the products to be as effective as anti-inflammatories.

When asked about the motivation behind creating the company and product, Valentina Milanova, Daye’s founder, said: “The vision is to create a world where every woman with a smartphone can understand, monitor and improve her menstrual, sexual and reproductive health.”

“The first gender gap that we want to close is the gender pain-gap. Over-the-counter painkillers have never been tested on the female physiology and carry a plethora of side-effects (like gastrointestinal inflammation), so at Daye we have spent time researching and developing the patented CBD tampon to provide a safe and effective alternative.”

According to their website, Daye works closely with doctors and researchers to carry out research, but more information and details on the specifics of this can be found on their website.

If you’re worried about ordering new products in light of the COVID-19 situation, Daye has that covered too – as it recently detailed the lengths it is taking to ensure its tampons are safe from contamination. These include ensuring that production workers wear full-body cleanroom suits and have their temperature taken before the beginning of each shift.

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Naked & CBD tampons

Fully-sustainable organic tampons with a no-shed protective sleeve and an optional CBD coating for the days when your period is cramping your style.

Upgrade your period care with Daye’s Naked & CBD tampons



We sanitise Daye tampons to remove the bacteria that cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).


Our tampons have an optional CBD coating for the days when your period is cramping your style.


All our tampons have a protective sleeve to prevent fibre separating and building up in your vagina.


Daye tampons are 100% organic and plastic-free. They come with water-soluble wrappers, sugarcane applicators, and recyclable packaging.

“The most comfortable brand I’ve ever used, plus they’re eco-friendly!”

“Truly amazing. Made me forget that I was on my period.”

“8 hours and no leakage – rare for me!”

“I love them! Wouldn’t use anything else now.”

Free cotton storage pouch

Free delivery in the UK

Frequently asked questions

How do CBD tampons work?

We offer CBD tampons so you can harness the power of localised CBD when you need it, where you need it. Use on the days when your period is cramping your style to increase comfort and to shield your day from interruptions.Our scientifically-proven formula has been used by over 60,000 people.

Can I use Daye’s CBD tampons if I’m trying to conceive?

We don’t recommend using CBD in any form if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive. While there’s no evidence showing that CBD could have an impact on fertility or pregnancy, we prefer to err on the side of caution, as large scale studies on the matter have not yet been conducted.

Have your tampons been tested?

We have conducted safety testing, including vaginal irritation, sensitisation, microbiology and effect on TSS-toxins. While our studies have not been published yet, they have been reviewed by our Clinical Board. Human clinical trials have been completed and reviewed by independent clinicians as well. At present, regulatory authorities mandate that only prescription drugs should make their clinical evidence available to the general public. As we are not regulated as a prescription drug, we do not make our studies available publicly, so we can stay compliant with regulations. If you are a researcher and you’d like to review our data, please contact our customer care team and we’ll send you a data pack.

Why are your tampons more expensive than other brands?

Our Naked tampons will be slightly more expensive than most organic tampons to reflect the cost of sanitisation, clean room manufacturing, truly sustainable packaging, and ethical production wages. We promise our CBD tampons will always be less expensive than buying organic tampons and the equivalent strength of CBD oil together.

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What are Daye tampons made from?

Our Naked tampons are made from 100% organic, unbleached, and sustainably sourced cotton fibres. Our CBD tampons comprise a proprietary cannabinoid formulation, which contains CBD, CBA, CBG and terpenes, but absolutely no THC. The cannabinoid extract we use is medical-grade, 30% concentration, and lab-tested for microbial contamination and cannabinoid content.

Is CBD supposed to be brown? Why has my CBD changed colour?

Your CBD tampon will have a colour as we never bleach our CBD, and we only ever work with organic, non-synthetic cannabinoids.

The colour might range from a light amber to a deep maroon, depending on the batch of CBD that has been used for your specific tampon. Please keep in mind that we test our tampons for their cannabinoid content, ensuring each of your tampons has the same amount of CBD.

We also test our tampons for microbial and heavy metal contamination, so while the colour of your tampon might look unusual, it is perfectly safe as evidenced by our multiple rounds of clinical and lab tests.

Daye’s tampons and our production standards are certified under ISO13485, the global quality management system for medical devices.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected] with any further questions.

What’s the difference between a monthly and a multi-month subscription?

With a monthly subscription, you get the most flexibility. You can cancel or pause anytime. It’s the best option if you’re still figuring out the perfect composition of your Daye box. Monthly subscriptions also come with 6% off the price of a one-off box. Multi-month subscriptions allow us to provide the highest possible discount on your tampon order. We currently have 2 options — a 3-month subscription, and a 12-month subscription. You can’t cancel your order if you commit to a longer subscription, but you do benefit from a larger discount. With the multi-month subscriptions, you also save carbon emissions as we ship your boxes up-front in 3-month instalments. Your box will be shipped with a tracked delivery service ensuring you know exactly when it will arrive.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, you can purchase a Daye gift card for the Daye fans in your life, or if you’re not sure whether to gift someone our period care items, nourishing CBD balm, or good-bacteria-rich ProViotics. If you have a friend that’s been struggling with their period and you want to support them, but you are not sure what size or type of tampon they’d like, the gift card means you can show them you care, while letting them customise their own box. Learn more about our gift cards here.

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