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cannabis seeds texas

Texas Chem

Texas Chem is a cross of Shoreline and Stardawg. This cross will produce new phenotypes that stand out with exceptionally loud terpenes, exotic colors, and nice yields. Texas Chem phenotypes will have a great mix of characteristics from both parents.


Shoreline x Stardawg

Texas Chem is a cross of Shoreline and Stardawg. This cross will produce new phenotypes that stand out with exceptionally loud terpenes, exotic colors, and nice yields. Texas Chem phenotypes will have a great mix of characteristics from both parents. The plants will stretch and grow vigorously before producing very nice robust colas covered in trichome heads and emitting aromas of burnt rubber, WD40, dead skunk, and kerosene. The flavor will complement the aromas with hints of Chem, Skunk, and OG Kush. Texas Chem is a great choice for anyone who is looking for extremely rare genetics with killer effects. Texas Chem is not recommended for novice users as the soaring euphoric effects can become overwhelming. This is a great cultivar for anyone who can handle very strong Cannabis varieties.

Shoreline Cross

Shoreline is a cross of Texas Shoreline and Deadhead OG. This is an extremely rare and coveted cross that has incredibly strong aromas of roadkill skunk, onions, and a gasoline soaked dirty rag. Texas Shoreline is known for her stench of dirty diapers and baby poop mixed with skunk. The Deadhead OG in Shoreline contributes a Chem and OG Kush funk to the already stinky Texas Shoreline aroma. The flavor from Shoreline is very much reminiscent of skunk and OG terpenes. There is a piney cleaner hint surrounded by roadkill skunk and baby farts. Shoreline plants can be finicky and mastering this variety can take some time. The effects are from Shoreline are racy and euphoric with bouts of laughter. This is a great strain for letting loose with friends.

Chem 4 & Tres Dawg

Stardawg is a cross of Chem 4 and Tres Dawg that was bred by Top Dawg Seeds. This cut is known to produce stable high yielding new phenotypes that have all the qualities that everyone adores Stardawg for. Stardawg is a favorite of almost every Chem fan who has come across the real deal. The Tres Dawg in this cross is Chem D x Afghan. The presence of both Chem 4 and Chem 4 bring the flavor of both original phenotypes together with Afghan. Stardawg has a sweet and sour rubber bleach aroma. The plants from this variety will stretch quite a bit and will need support by week 5 of flowering as they begin to stack nice size buds. As the plants finish you will enjoy beautiful colors of green, lime, and yellow. The cured and trimmed buds are spectacular. These flowers represent the perfect structure everyone looks for in nice chunky buds with great resin content and very sticky. The effects of Stardawg are energizing and cerebral with a nice buzz that will make you feel social and relaxed. This is a great choice for afternoons and happy hour after work.

Texas Chem

Texas Chem is a great mix of Shoreline and Stardawg. This cross brings the best qualities of both genetics together for a rare treat. The combination of skunky gas and baby poop mixed with the rubber band Chem terpenes is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Don’t miss your chance to add this cross of Shoreline and Stardawg to your garden. Grab a pack of Texas Chem today.

Texas Chem Genetic Lineage
Shoreline x Stardawg

Shoreline – %
Texas Shoreline – %
Deadhead OG – %
Stardawg – %
Chem 4 – %
Tres Dawg – %

Photo/Grow: @WhyteWidow (2019)

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Cannabis seeds texas

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