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Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Maryland





Find Out if You Can Purchase Marijuana Seeds in Maryland

Although legalizing marijuana is happening in more states, it has not happened yet in Maryland. It is still illegal to purchase marijuana for recreational use and to grow plants at home. Despite this, it is legal to purchase marijuana seeds, and there are many different strains that collectors may be interested in buying. If you’re planning on purchasing marijuana seeds for your collection, take a look at the selection we have available now or learn more about the legalities of purchasing seeds.

Is Marijuana Legalized in Maryland?

Cannabis is not legal in Maryland for personal use, though it has been decriminalized. Since 2014, less than 10 grams of marijuana for personal use is considered a civil offense. The maximum fine is $100, and there is no jail time. However, higher quantities can lead to jail and fines, as can possession with the intent to sell or possession of plants.

Medical marijuana is allowed in Maryland as of 2014, but it is restricted. Patients must have a written certification and must be registered with the state. Those who are qualified and registered can have up to 120 grams at a time. Though smoking marijuana is still illegal, medical marijuana can be vaporized or can be in extracts, ointments, or tinctures. Medical marijuana is available for eating disorders like anorexia, PTSD, seizures, chronic pain, and other conditions that are severe and not otherwise treatable.

Can Cannabis Seeds be Purchased in Maryland?

It is still illegal to grow marijuana for recreational or medical use, but that doesn’t mean the seeds are illegal to purchase. In the United States, the seeds are seen federally as a novelty item instead of a cannabis product. This means they don’t fall under the same regulations, making them legal to purchase and own. Those who are hoping Maryland will legalize recreational use and allow for home growing may want to start purchasing and collecting seeds today, so they’ll be ready when the laws change.

How to Purchase Souvenir Seeds

In states like Maryland, seeds cannot legally be germinated. However, they can still be purchased as souvenir seeds for a collection. To do this, the buyer simply needs to pick out the seeds they want and place an order through a seed bank like ours. Though the seeds are legal to purchase, it’s still best to choose a seed bank that offers discreet packaging. This reduces the chance of anything happening to the seeds before they arrive. Once the order is placed, the seeds will be packaged and shipped quickly, ensuring they arrive as fast as possible.

Choosing the Right Type of Seed

Three main types of seeds are available today. Regular seeds are the ones most people are familiar with. They can produce male or female plants, which means some of the plants may need to be disposed of before pollination can happen. Another option is feminized seeds, all of which will be female. This eliminates the need to check for male plants and can make growing the seeds easier.

To ensure the seeds flower as fast as possible, auto-flowering seeds are also available. These seeds automatically flower at the right time in the plant’s lifecycle, eliminating the requirement to watch the plants carefully. They are feminized, so there’s no need to worry about male plants growing. Auto-flowering seeds may be a little more expensive compared to regular seeds, but saving time and not needing to throw away plants may be worth the extra cost.

Some Seeds to Purchase Today

Different strains of seeds are available to meet your unique needs. Many strains are available as regular, feminized, or auto-flowering seeds. If you’re interested in buying souvenir seeds in Maryland, you may want to check out some of the following options.

  • Sativa Seeds – Sativa seeds produce marijuana that’s great for during the day because they provide a boost of creativity and energy. If this might be what you’re looking for, two of our most popular options right now are Auto Mandarine feminized seeds and Auto tangerine feminized Both of these are auto-flowering and feminized.
  • Indica Seeds – Indica seeds produce marijuana that’s better in the evening as they can help promote relaxation and a more mellow feeling. If you’re looking for something like this, try out some of our popular choices. Take a look at our Cream Caramel feminized seeds and Purple Punch feminized Both are feminized, so there’s no need to worry about male plants.
  • Hybrid Seeds – Hybrid strains provide a little of both Sativa and Indica, making them an excellent option just about any time. Different ones may have more Sativa or more Indica. Try out our most popular hybrid seeds today by looking into Banana Kush feminized seeds or the Girl Scout Cookies feminized Both of these options are feminized.

Why Should You Buy From i49?

If you’re interested in purchasing souvenir marijuana seeds in Maryland, finding the right supplier is crucial. We’re a seed bank that offers hundreds of different strains, giving you a huge selection to choose from. We have decades of experience working with cannabis seeds and will be able to help you find exactly what you need. We also have a support team ready to answer any questions you might have before or after your purchase.

Along with having a huge selection, we also understand how important it is for you to get the seed quickly and easily. All of our seeds are packaged discreetly to minimize the potential for any issues and are packaged as soon as possible after your order. Once they are packaged, the seeds are shipped directly to your door and should arrive quickly.

Marijuana may not be legal to grow yet, but it’s likely it will be in the future. If you’re in Maryland and wish to purchase souvenir marijuana seeds for your collection, we have a huge selection for you to choose from. Browse our store now to learn more about all of the different options we have available or contact us with any questions you might have.

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