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cannabis indica seeds for sale

Indica Seeds

Indica cannabis seeds for sale

Safely buy indica marijuana seeds for sale

Buying Indica Marijuana Seeds

Indica defines the cannabis strain origin.

Indica means “of India” or “Indian”, in Latin, and is generally applied to things that are connected with India or Southeast Asia. If you are looking for 100% Indica marijuana seeds, be sure they state that on the strain you are considering.

These would include the following marijuana seed types; Afghan, Hindu Kush, Northern Lights, Papaya. and many, many more.

Many marijuana seeds are hybrids. These are Cannabis Indica/Sativa blends. Most breeders who sell specific “branded” seeds (like cannabis cup winners or original strain breeds), give you the percentage of Indica and Sativa in their cannabis seeds.

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Cannabis Indica strains can often be identified by their pungent or sweet aroma and strong, distinct flavours.

Indica strains generally result in more yield per sq/ft, producing a much denser bud with short, stubby leaves. Indica Strains tend to flower much faster than sativa strains and the indica yield is often larger vs sativa cannabis strains.


Indica seeds are often used to produce medical marijuana for the treatment of a long list of medical issues. Issues such as anxiety, chronic pain, sleep disorders, and to medically treat seizures, migraines and headaches. Due to their short and compact stature and speedy harvest, cannabis indica seeds and marijuana indica varietries are ideal plants to grow indoors.

Indica cannabis strains produce dense buds with heavy yields. Grow your own authentic Indica strains, premium indica seeds with high germination rates.