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can hemp seeds cause a positive drug test

These foods can make you test positive for drugs

There’s nothing worse than when your dog actually did eat your homework, but you’re still not believed.

Unless of course you’ve tested positive for opiates and your alibi is that you ate some bread rolls.

This is the claim of a 58-year-old pipe fitter, suspended from work for 11 weeks after testing positive for morphine – an extract from the opium produced by poppies.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, the father of two, who wishes to remain anonymous, insists the test reading was the result of him eating poppy seed bread and buns the day before the test.

After receiving the positive results, the Liverpudlian paid £120 for a private hair-follicle test, which came back negative, and obtained a letter from his GP stating he had never been on any prescribed medication, such as morphine or painkillers – which contain opium.

“I am a married dad and have two grown-up children. I have never taken drugs,” said the Liverpool man.

“I thought to myself ‘I have something in my body that I have no idea where it has come from’ – it was very worrying.”

Negative test resultsHandout

The pipe fitter’s online research led him to an experiment on BBC One’s Rip Off Britain: Food, which aired in May. Over three days, 72-year-old presenter Angela Ripon ate a loaf of poppy seed bread and a poppy seed bagel to see if a drug test would pick up opiates. The results showed the presence of morphine.

The construction worker added, “I knew straight away that it had to be the poppy seeds I had eaten and I actually thought ‘Great that explains it.’”

His company have since taken him back, although the contractor that he failed the test for has refused to accept his return to work.

So, can eating poppy seeds really lead you to fail a drug test?

“If you eat a poppy seed roll, it could give rise to a positive result on a urine drug test for morphine,” says Atholl Johnston, Professor of Pharmacology at Queen Mary University.

While the morphine content of poppy seeds can vary by a factor of nearly 600, drug tests are highly sensitive, and could return a positive result even after a relatively small number of the seeds.

However, Professor Johnston makes it clear that eating poppy seeds will not get you high any time soon.

“It is unlikely that a single poppy seed roll, or even a dozen rolls, would result in an individual ingesting enough morphine to have a pharmacological effect.”

Nevertheless, it’s advisable to wait up to three days after eating poppy seed products before taking a drug test.

And in case you’re wondering what other kinds of foods could lead you to fail a substance test, we’ve got the answer for you: the best kinds.

Like pizza and pastries.


Now a fair number of people would probably testify that pizza is effectively an addictive drug anyway.

But according to a breathalyser manufacturer, food products that use yeast can in fact make you fail a breathalyser test. This is because yeast makes dough rise by fermenting sugars into a number of substances, one of which is alcohol.

And if you’re unlucky enough to be breathalysed immediately after eating pizza, then this could cause you to fail the test.

According to the same source, this also applies to ripe fruit and fruit drinks. These can ferment and produce just enough alcohol for you to test positive.

Thankfully, because the alcohol is in your mouth rather than in your digestive system, you should be fine after about 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can rinse your mouth out with water.

Then there’s hemp seeds (often found in granola bars), hemp seed oil and hemp seed milk.

hemp seedsiStock

These can lead you to test positive for THC, the principal psychoactive chemical in weed. After all, hemp is itself a type of cannabis.

And even poor, innocent, tonic water can help you to fail a drug test.

tonic wateriStock

Tonic water was originally drunk for its quinine, an antimalarial drug derived from the bark of the South American cinchona tree.

This led to the invention of gin and tonics by a British official in 19th-century colonial India, who found a way to liven up the anti-malarial prescription.

But having a few G&Ts could also liven up your drug test results.

So you could actually end up failing both a breathalyser and a drug scan. Which would give you one heck of a hangover.

Check out this content on BBC Three.

Can hemp seeds cause a positive drug test

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Email: [email protected]

With the wave of the legalization of marijuana, for both medical and recreational use, spreads there is also the proliferation of CBD and hemp products in the mainstream market.

While even I don’t fully understand the nuances between THC, CBD, and hemp, I am learning. I do know that they are not the same or used interchangeably even if some people will use the terms interchangeably. They do all come from the cannabis plant.

Here I focus on hemp – the hemp plant, hemp seeds, hemp hearts – and not THC or CBD.

I must disclose that I took botany in high school and I did not do well. Mostly because I didn’t take the class seriously. I just wanted to take the class because I knew we would make a terrarium and I got a front row seat to the feedings of the resident boa constrictor.

Also, I am virtually banned from doing anything with plants in and around my house other than eating them. Not only do I not have a green thumb, but I also can’t even keep herbs growing throughout the summer. I do know the difference between an annual and a perennial. I know a weed is just something that a human has determined is a pest or nuisances like the puncture vine that grow in late summer and early fall and sticks in dog paws and bicycle tires. Totally a weed. And they hurt. What I may call a weed is someone else’s healing herb or a salad green. The term weed is subjective. Not to be confused with “weed” that one may purchase to smoke, legally or illegally. But, I said I was going to focus on hemp.

There are many people who are plant experts including botanists, nursery owners, florists and any number of gardeners. I am not one of those. So, please excuse any errors in terminology.

You may have heard that back in the old days, like in the 1700’s, some of the colonies required people grow hemp and they could get in big trouble if they didn’t contribute to the cause. According to, it was used for industrial purposes and as legal tender, aka money.

Even though people weren’t smoking hemp, weird things happened in the early 20 th century and it became problematic to have these plants around. If you have heard of Reefer Madness, you know the story.

Today, hemp is back. Somewhat. Even though there is little evidence that shows hemp is just like the marijuana that one would buy from the first chair trombone player in high school or get from the guy-who-knows-a-guy-than-hangs-out-at-that-fraternity-but-isn’t-in-the-fraternity in college, there is still a stigma.

Anyone can buy a bag of hemp seed at Costco, Whole Foods, or the neighborhood grocery store. But people still get a bit antsy. At least the people who don’t or won’t smoke pot.

Hemp seeds do have a very, very small amount of the psychoactive compound from cannabis. According to Janice Newell-Bissex, MS RDN, Holistic Cannabis Practitioner and Culinary Nutritionist in the article she authored in Food and Nutrition Magazine, hemp or industrial hemp is “a cannabis plant that contains less than 0.3 percent of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC.”

What makes things a bit more confusing is that I know some people who work for the government and say that they cannot use hemp lotion or hemp shampoo. I thought that was odd. For one, not only is there minimal THC in hemp, which is the reason people smoke pot (I am pretty sure) but could it be absorbed through the skin and hair? I do not know. It seems over the top.

The best I could find with a superficial search is that as of July 2016 the Air Force, Army, and Coast Guard prohibit the use of hemp products. The Marines and Navy do not restrict the use and ingestion of hemp and hemp products. If you know more, please share.

Now, I don’t really care one way or the other. I am my own boss, and while she can be a real pain in the butt sometimes, she does not make me take drug tests. And, I have enough fiber and plant stuff in my diet that I don’t feel a need to add hemp to the mix. Protein, omega fats, whatever. I already use flax seed and chia seed. I don’t really need another seed to get stuck in my teeth and keep big dental-floss companies flush with cash.

However, I was recently at a retreat for four days in which we had hemp in every meal. EVERY meal. In our pancakes, in our buffalo burger, even in the coffee.

There was no half and half available, but the person preparing our meals that weekend made hemp cream for me. Not the same as half and half no matter how much I used, but I survived.

And to anyone who may suggest that I felt better because of the addition of hemp? Nope – no different. But I wasn’t really eating much differently than usual.

But at meal times during the retreat there was an on-going discussion was about the issue with hemp, CBD, and THC and all the legal stuff around it. Even some annoyance at the government.

It was even suggested that hemp could solve all the world’s problems. I would not go that far. Dictators will still be dictators, even if they had a hemp filled diet. In my opinion. Now, maybe if they turned to the bong…. But this is about hemp.

Back to the legal stuff. Some of us in the room noted that we have family that are bound by the laws of the land and random drug-testing. For example, the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires random drug testing of people with a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Someone with a CDL, even off duty, can lose his or her license at a BAC far below the legal limit of 0.08%. Testing positive for THC? Big problem.

Some people have jobs that are much more valuable than the use of hemp in their diet. Even occasionally. It just isn’t worth the risk.

Because of this on-going discussion and the perception that hemp coming from the cannabis plant is on par with consuming pot, I decided to test myself to see if I would pass a drug test after this four-day hemp bender.

While still on the trip, I ordered THC test strips. I was scarfing hemp, even doing a hemp shot (which several people thought was amazing and really good; personally, I thought it was gross and can still taste it in my mouth – ick) from Wednesday through Sunday. Even with my Amazon Prime, I didn’t get my test strips until Tuesday.

As soon as I got them, I tore open the package and started reading. Unlike alcohol and some other drugs, THC stays in the system for a bit. Several days to several weeks. It really is a combination of dose and fat storage in the body. But enough of that. My point is that testing two days after my last hemp hit, I would surely still have a result that would show, PROVE, that this stuff could get someone fired by testing positive for THC or move on knowing that there was nothing to worry about.

If you have ever done a drug test, pregnancy test, gave the lab at the doctor a urine sample, you know what happened next. And, if you are so inclined, you can look it up. No need for you to join me there.

Reading the instructions several times and making sure I didn’t screw this up (even though I had NINE more test strips to work with). Who knows when I would ever consume hemp for ten meals in a row again? And I had to pee. I didn’t want to wait another hour before I had to pee again.

So, the five-minute pass and here is the result:

The THC test strip.

The THC test strip.

No wait… that was before the test. Unused. And yes, I did wash my hands.

Here is the after:

The result.

Hopefully, you are reading it right. That is a NEGATIVE. I did NOT test positive for THC.

Before you comment, or even if you have already commented, that the line is not very dark and doesn’t go all the way across, so I could be a little bit positive for THC? See this from the insert. Positive or negative. Like a pregnancy test. I would demand the B sample be tested too.

“…no meaning attributed to line intensity or width.”

So, I did NOT test positive for THC from my four-day hemp binge.

I could be confident in starting a new job or peeing for a parole officer if needed. Not that I have a PO, but if I did, no problem.

So why choose hemp? It has fiber, protein, healthy fat, some vitamins, and minerals that we need. And it is a plant food. So why not hemp?

Add it to smoothies, sprinkle on salad or cook in your burger. See the recipes from my colleague below.

You can legally buy it in many grocery stores and take it home without being paranoid about the fuzz. At least not because you have hemp seeds/hearts in the car.

Because I haven’t gotten into the habit of using hemp seed/hearts I asked my fellow dietitians to share their recipes. Here are some below:

Can hemp seeds cause a positive drug test Tel: (505) 373-0407 Email: [email protected] With the wave of the legalization of marijuana, for both medical and recreational use,