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autoflowering medical cannabis seeds

Autoflowering seeds

 Autoflowering seeds, also known as.

Autoflowering seeds, also known as Automatic, autofem or auto-flowering seeds, are seeds which makes harvesting of cannabis without light cycles possible. Perfect for grower who are in colder areas at home, since the growth and bloom phase is very short. The yield of autoflowering seeds in a pot on the windowsill is, of course not as high as under an Indoor lamp, since the normal sunlight does not have this intensity. However, the returns are respectable for the short growth and flowering period. At Seeds66 you can buy 200 different varieties of autoflowering seeds.

What advantages do autoflowering seeds have?

  • Autoflowering seeds are very robust and resistant to pests.
  • Outdoor are at least 2 harvests possible.
  • Indoor just 10 weeks or less pass by from seedling to harvest.
  • All autoflowering seeds are 100% feminized.
  • Autoseeds are idela for beginners.

How can these hemp plants automatically flourish?

The secret is located in their ruderalis genes. As in many eastern countries, summer is very short, therefore it was very important for the hashplant to grow and flourish rapidly. The plant can not wait for the shorter light cycle and therefore developed the property after a certain time to bloom automatically.

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Автоцветущие семена

Автоцветущие семенаАвтоцветущие семена каннабиса – это такие семена, которые начинают цвести самостоятельно через 2-4 недели. Для того, чтобы нормальные феминизированные растения Индика и Сатива начали цвести, их следует поставить под внутреннее освещение в течение 12 часов после сборки урожая. Они не будут цвести на открытом воздухе, так как во время этого сезона световой день уменьшается. Автоцветущие сорта конопли – это растения Индика или Сатива, скрещённые с видом Рудералис. Данный вид каннабиса растёт в районах с очень коротким летом, но очень длинным световым днём – 22-24 часа в день. Конопля Рудералис начинает цвести самостоятельно в течение очень короткого времени (как правило, через 2-4 недели).

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What Are Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds produce plants that flower on their own after 2–4 weeks of growth. Growers don’t need to worry about switching the light schedule to initiate and maintain the flowering phase, like they would if growing feminized photoperiod cannabis.

Autoflowers also need much less time to grow. Some varieties are ready to harvest in a short 8 weeks after sprouting. Plus, autoflowers are compact, which makes them great for indoor growing. Because they are so convenient, autoflowers are (not just) ideal for beginners to cannabis cultivation.

Non-Photoperiod Strains: What Does It Mean?

Feminized (photoperiod) cannabis plants flower depending on the hours of light they receive. Out in nature, they start to bloom when the days get shorter at the end of summer. Indoors, cultivators initiate flowering by adjusting their grow lights to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

In contrast, autoflowering strains flower based on age, independent of light hours, which means they are non-photoperiod strains.

Autoflowers have several noteworthy characteristics:

  • Plants flower automatically after 2–4 weeks.
  • The average period between planting and harvest is 10 weeks.
  • Autoflowering seeds are also feminized. No need to worry about male plants.
  • Plants stay small (30–100cm).
  • They don’t attract too much attention. Ideal for stealthy grows.
  • You can harvest several crops per season.

Particularities of Autoflowers

Modern autoflowers rival feminized photoperiod strains (and some even surpass them) in terms of potency, yield, and aroma. Yet, they still provide the same great benefits as mentioned above, along with having a reputation for being particularly stable and sturdy.

These days, autoflowers can satisfy even the most demanding of users: Recreational users won’t have difficulties finding automatic varieties rich in THC, and holistic users can get autoflowers low in THC but high in CBD to benefit from the non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

Who Uses Automatic Cannabis Strains, and Why?

  • Growers: Growers like autoflowers because they are convenient and easy, producing a fast harvest with decent yields. With their compact size, they are among the best plants for growing in small spaces—great for micro-grows or putting a plant or two on a balcony. They also make good strains to grow outdoors as they are resilient and robust. Plus, their small size makes them a good choice for stealthy guerrilla grows.
  • Smokers: Recreational users can enjoy autos just like feminized photoperiod cannabis. If you’re smoking for the high, which can be anything from relaxing to uplifting, fun, and giggly, you can find the right autoflower to suit your tastes! Some autoflowers are slightly lower in THC than the average strain, making them ideal for people who like a milder and more balanced effect when smoking cannabis.

How to Grow Autoflowering Seeds

Use light, well-draining soil

For autoflowers, you want soil that is even lighter than that used to grow feminized photoperiod cannabis plants. If needed, amend your soil with perlite to increase airiness and drainage.

Indoors vs outdoors

Indoors: No need to switch your lights to a flowering schedule like with photoperiod cannabis. You can keep your autoflowers on an 18/6 (18 hours of light, 6 hours of darkness) or 24/0 light schedule from seed to harvest.

Outdoors: You are not as beholden to the natural seasons as with photoperiod plants. You can plant your autos at any time of the year, provided there is no frost. Harvest 8–10 weeks after planting. If you plant your autoflowers several weeks apart, you can achieve several harvests per year! Autoflowers are stealthy and compact. This makes them perfect for low-key outdoor operations.

Optimal temperature and humidity for growing autoflowers

Keep your grow room’s temp at a moderate 21°C (room temperature) for healthy growth. Colder temperatures or excessive heat can lead to growing problems.

Optimal humidity for your autoflowers depends on your plant’s age. In the first few weeks, they prefer a more humid environment. Reduce relative humidity to 40–50% when your plants start to flower to reduce the risk of mould.

What kind of nutrients do autoflowers need?

In general, autoflowers are smaller than feminized photoperiod cannabis. Smaller plants require less nutrients than large plants.

If you’re using commercial cannabis nutrients, give only ½ or ¼ of the recommended dose to your autoflowers. When using commercial potting mixes that are pre-fertilised, you will likely not need to feed until your autoflowers start to bloom, at about week 3 or 4.

What kind of water for autoflowers?

With autoflowers being smaller and having a smaller root system, they will also drink less than large feminized photoperiod plants. Don’t overwater, and allow the soil to dry out between waterings.

When growing in soil, the optimal pH level of your water/nutrient solution is 6–7. You can adjust your water to the correct pH level using natural pH “up” or “down” products.

What about plant training with autoflowering cannabis?

Plant training techniques such as topping, FIM, super cropping, and defoliation are not recommended for autoflowers. Any training that involves damage to your plants will temporarily slow or halt their growth and requires time for recovery—time that autoflowers don’t have (given their limited lifespan).

On the other hand, you can try gentle plant training such as LST (low-stress training), where you bend down the stems and branches to create an even canopy and optimise light exposure. Skip the parts that involve any cutting or pinching.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds: Questions & Answers

Autoflowering Info

Cannabis seeds can be freely distributed within the EU under the principle of mutual recognition. However, it is your own responsibility to research your local laws and regulations before ordering.

Автоцветущие семена каннабиса – это такие семена, которые начинают цвести самостоятельно через 2-4 недели. Для того, чтобы нормальные феминизированные