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attitude seed bank reviews

The Attitude Seedbank Review

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The Attitude is listed as “green” at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank.

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guest No info, January 2021

Have done business with them for about 15 years and they just get worse with every order. They offer a ton of freebie seeds through monthly deals – which they fill with old and usually dead seed. Of the last 20 ‘free’ seeds received from Attitude 10 did not germinate, 7 popped and died, and only 3 actually grew. Last year I ordered 4 packs of different seeds and 4 of the packages did not even germinate. If you complain they hide behind the lie of “we sell souvenirs only” and they will refuse to replace the obviously old, inviable stock. Even if you pay extra for your order to be packaged in/with some sort of merchandise – to get the original breeders packs – they will still repackage the seed into small plastic bags and simply ignore any request for breeder packs. Sorry to say that Attitude used to be a great seed bank – now they are definitely failing more than than winning. Bad mojo!

guest United States, November 2020

I have been a customer for about 20 years. The quality of seeds has severely gone down hill. I received mismatched seeds and thee last order of seeds did not even germinate. When I wrote to Attitude they basically said tough luck we sell souvenir and storage seeds. Well that was the last order with them. I got SREWED.

guest Norway, October 2020

great stealth, fast shipping and great customer service. got 35 seeds with no problems, ordered from them 3-4 times over the years and they always delivered :)

guest Australia, October 2020

I cancelled my order 30 minutes after ordering,, thinking customs & police would enforce laws , .. in a panic.. I contacted them 3 times … to cancel the order ,, after another 3 messages . a month gone & they still have not refunded me …

DORY1974 United Kingdom, October 2020

So my Strawberry Daugpound has turned hermaphrodite in my gro tent. Just 1 plant out of 4 which suggests that it is a genetic flaw not gro conditions. After contacting Nick Tops, owner of Holy Smoke Seeds I have been called stupid and defriended.
Very unprofessional.
Will not buy Holy Smoke Seeds again.

guest United Kingdom, October 2020

Ordered Tuesday night and they were delivered thurs morning. Standard delivery too. I’ll never use anyone else

guest United States, September 2020

Been ordering for Attitude since 2009 or so. Drop a couple grand over the years. Last order land in the USA no issues. Always ordered in breeder pack. Received in freedbie packs with not even the empty breeders packs. Only reason I ordered from the was stock in the US was gone and after watching the attitude’s stock come back, which was a little sketchy anyways after all was gone in the US, I pulled the trigger.
So don’t know. Sure they’ll say it’s bulk sent packs and they just repackage. Which even in the pass that was the case I ALWAYS received breeders packaging. Could be legit or maybe not. Not going put much faith in them. Sprout and see. But Attitudes off the buy from list for me.

guest United States, July 2020

I have ordered here for over10yrs. I have had large and small orders. Sometimes they will send two or more packages if the order is over$300. So do not let that scare you. I am sure it is an insurance thing. Seeds are always what they say, and usually no big issues with germination if you know your stuff . Clearly one of the best. Lots of variety .

guest United States, June 2020

Did not receive my order. I have placed many orders with Attitude over the years and this time I placed a large order for the 420 specials. I never received my order. I contacted them and they said they would only resend the seeds I ordered if I place a new order. They also said I would not get any of the seeds from the 420 promotions. I was to receive over 60 free seeds in my order from the promotions and now they said 9bwouls not get them and I would only get the seeds I paid for if I plave another order. I was vwry upset by this ans let them know. Their response was that they would no longer send me the seeds I paid for and that they were just trying to help me put by sending thw ones I paid for if I spend more money and place a new order. They are playing games and I can’t believe their lack of professionalism and bad customer service. I would not do any business with them in thw future. There are plenty of other places to shop.

Crowned United States, May 2020

Got what i ordered in a reasonable time. I can’t complain.

guest United States, April 2020

have done thousands of dollars of transactions w/this co never any major issues out of 30 or so strains ordered a couple dissapointments but never ripped off pretty reliable

guest United States, March 2020

I have ordered at least five times from these guys. My last order from them was way back in 2013 because of a postal seizure. However, due to the insurance I thankfully purchased, they promptly sent my replacement order. At the risk of exposing a fairly clever masking technique, the exterior of the replacement envelope appeared to be (festively) hand decorated by a 12 yr old bubbly British girl happily sending her American pen-pal an Xmas gift. Anyway, freaked out, of course and after a bit of research, I found out that there, supposedly, was/is a Jamaican(?) group in the USPS Chicago hub that flagged seedbanks from Europe. So, of course, as Murphy dictates, my order was seized. Evidently, this group regularly seized seeds, especially around Xmas time. From what I read, if true, the scam involved taking several seeds from the envelope and turning in a fraction of seeds to appear legit, then they would insert the standard contents seized for illegal..blah blah blah letter to freak people out even more. Or, they were seized legitimately and because of the volume of thousands of semillas coming through the hub, my name/addy was simply added to a database-hopefully never forwarded to a woefully understaffed govt branch. Neither scenario meant anything good for me so I could not take a chance being on anyones radar and, consequently, I stopped buying and started producing. Making my own feminized seeds and cloning was interesting and fun but limiting in my tiny circle of trust. However, with seven years passing and Illinois becoming a recreationally-legal state now I felt comfortable to indulge Attitude again. Their last birthday promotion was also too good to pass up. Well, this time the envelope came postmarked from a different country and, again, had a personal feel to it. And, it was hidden so well that after opening it I thought it was seized again. My old eyes and hasty inspection didnt help. After a short (embarrassing) chat with cs I found them. Finally, and more relevantly, Ive ordered several times before 2013 and never had a seed not germinate. The cs is always relatively prompt, meaning you need to factor the 6hr time difference (in my case). Ive never used anyone else so I cant contrast my experience with other banks but, given the wholly positive experience with them, it doesnt matter.

guest United States, February 2020

Rarely get plump, fresh seeds. I think they send the oldest seeds to the USA. I have had many that do not germinate or start to germinate and dont have enough vitality to push their way up out of the dirt. The last order was small and they managed to send the wrong stuff. I am going to start using seedbanks that are right here in the USA.

guest United Kingdom, January 2020

Again prompt delivery and tons of freebies including a bunch for using bank transfer.

The Attitude Seedbank Review User Rating On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 130 user reviews. SeedFinder Info The Attitude is listed as “green” at the SeedFinder. This means we

** WARNING ** Stay away from Attitude seedbank ( HAS COMPLETELY CHANGED )

Active Member

Hey guys, Medical marijuana patient here. My post will be short & detailed, & informative. Let this save you money people. Listen to what I am about to say.

I have been a loyal customer of attitude seedbank for a very long time. Probably as long as I have been growing marijuana legally I have been purchasing my seeds from them without issue, Their shipping is great & their seeds usually arrive without cause.

A few crops ago in soil I ordered some jamacian me crazy from cali connection seeds. Only 3 of them germinated & one ended up going yellow & dying for no reason. Never had that with a sprout in my life, Also received a 12 pack of regular cali connection through their promotion at the time. The germination rate & hermie rate through out their regular pack of seeds was completely awful. I couldnt believe these seeds where being sold professionally.

So that brings me to my latest crop, Now out of soil & growing in under current systems, A few years later here we decide to order some LA cheese & Pre-98 bubba, Again from cali connection. (LA cheese from big buddha seeds ) The pre-98 bubba did the same thing as the jamaican me crazy. 4 seeds germinated, 1 was a retard & died off & I was left with 3 out of 6 that where actually useful plants. Here I am with 2x under current systems with 8 sites each, now I have 8 LA cheese ready to go in & only 3 out of 8 for the other system being the pre-98 bubba had not fully germinated.

I got in contact with attitude seedbank about this through email & through my messages attached to my next order witch was another pack of pre-98 bubba to shore up the short fall of 5 plants I had, I needed another package of seeds to germinate. I made it very aware to attitude my disspleasure with spending this much on seeds & having a horrible germination rate, Although they state they do not talk about germination & we all accept that in advance, They spoke about it with me as I am a medical marijuana patient & made this clear to them that I could provide any documents nessisary. They accepted the responsibility & shipped out not 1, But 2 packs of pre-98 bubba each containing not 6 but 8 seeds each.

Now you are probably asking, Why is this post titled STAY AWAY from attitude if they just re-embursed you so well ? Well here we go lets get to the meat of the story now.

These packages of seeds arrive, I get to sprouting them to hurry up & shore up our #’s so we can get these plants into their respective systems. Days pass, 0 seeds out of 16 FUCKING SEEDS GERMINATED . Thats right, They sent 2 packs of pre-98 bubba to re-emburse me because of the original pack’s horrible germination rate, Yet the 16 seeds they send me to replace the original 6, 0 out of 16 germinate. How big of a joke is this ? How is cali connection still aloud to vend seeds ? Why is attitude still selling their product ?

So I call in to speak to their manager who turns out to be some russian sounding butch woman that starts screaming at me, Literally screaming & interupting everything I have to say telling me I have accepted the rules & I got what I deserved & I am in shock litterally listening to this woman who is supposed to be manger, Just screaming at me like some type of high school girl.

I eventually stopped trying to speak as nothing I said was going to stop this insane woman from screaming at the top of her lungs like some insane russian war beast.

Anways, Stay away from attitude. This is comming from a loyal customer who has been with them for years & will never use them again due to their lack of respect towards the medical community, Especially from their manager. I have fucking epilepsy & i am on disabiltiy for fuck sakes I dont have the money to waste on your seeds to fund some crazy russian bitches wallet who just dissrespects her customers, Especially the medical ones.

I just wanted to get this out there, I have seen a lot of shit posted about attitude lately & avoided posting anything in their because I have had nothing bad to say until now, But now I say with a very loud voice, STAY AWAY FROM ATTITUDE.

I will be breading my own seeds from here on out, Anything is better than putting money in the pockets of people who dont respect their customers.

EVERYBODY needs to boycott this company.


Hey guys, Medical marijuana patient here. My post will be short & detailed, & informative. Let this save you money people. Listen to what I am about to say…